Thanks Ana from SIC for the heads up about change of plans, no meeting today, Judge Rules “no injunction”!!! WOOP WOOP!
Super InTent City folks got time for organising some support for the Un-Housed at SIC. Yee Haw!
Thanks Ana for the reminder that the homeless at SIC have diverse needs that must be met: So far only a small amount of support from individuals, many housed supporters like myself who are lived experience of homelessness and activist based, many others who are also, like myself, activist based who speak for a small number within SIC, many Unhoused at SIC want to only speak for themselves, Dandelion Society and Allen Tysick are rocking out on supporting diversity, trying to insure the voice of homeless is first and foremost and, church’s like the Christ Church Cathedral have been amasing as well, we have activist’s and academics, as well many new individuals and as well, the usual mixed support from other poverty industry has come forward, however grateful, they are going to let us know what more can be done.
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