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Hello friends,

On Saturday, the front page of the Times Colonist featured an article announcing the inaugural meeting of Mad as Hell, a new Victoria hate group opposed to social housing, Super InTent City, and the “ghettoization” of Victoria neighborhoods (http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/tent-city-foes-begin-to-gather-forces-1.2222558). This group will meet at Harbour Towers Hotel on Thursday, April 7 at 7pm.

While the group directs anger towards the Provincial government for not providing for its homeless citizens, Mad as Hell also uses hateful and discriminatory language to perpetuate myths and stereotypes, blame poor people for being poor, and attribute all neighborhood problems to visibly homeless people. One look at their Facebook page (and attached screen shots) and it is obvious where this line of thinking goes (https://www.facebook.com/madashellvictoria/).

Homes not hate. We believe that this group is harmful and will incite violence against residents of Super InTent City, and other low-income and homeless people in our community. In Maple Ridge, a minority hate group convinced the BC government to withdraw funding from a homeless shelter (http://globalnews.ca/news/2605055/opposition-to-maple-ridge-quality-inn-homeless-plan-grows/). Mad as Hell has announced that a guest speaker from Maple Ridge will be at their meeting on Thursday to share their strategies of “success” for removing homes from homeless people.

Hate against homeless and low-income people is not ok in ANY of our communities.

As an initial step in the #homesnothate campaign, we are asking your support in phoning or writing a letter to Harbour Towers Hotel to request that they not support the sentiments of Mad as Hell and not host an event that perpetuates discrimination and hate against low-income and homeless people.


In solidarity with the struggles for homes and against displacement in Maple Ridge


Tracey Sims, General Manager

Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites

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Dear Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites,

This upcoming Thursday April 7, “Mad as Hell Victoria” will be meeting at Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites. We urge you to reconsider hosting this event at your establishment as this group perpetuates discrimination and hate against low-income and homeless people.

From the Mad as Hell Victoria Event Facebook page (link):

“The community meeting on Thursday April 7 is from 7 to 9 pm and is free. It will be at Harbour Towers in James Bay. The meeting is intended for people who are Mad As Hell about what is going on around the tent city, Mt. Edwards and the homelessness debacle. We will hear from residents and businesses who have been negatively impacted. Mike Morden, from Maple Ridge, will be speaking about their successful campaign to get the government to back down and not impose no restriction housing in residential neighbourhoods. People will be given information about who to contact to get the government to change their mind on this issue in Victoria. We hope politicians will be in the audience to listen as there has been no consultation to hear concerns.”

This event is for individuals who want to rid their neighbourhoods of existing shelter and housing for homeless and low-income individuals. One look at their Facebook page (and attached screen shots) and it is obvious where this line of thinking goes (https://www.facebook.com/madashellvictoria/). This event is clearly discriminatory against homeless and low-income people and perpetuates the belief that homeless people are not part of our community.

By hosting this event the impression is being given that Harbour Towers supports the sentiment of the ‘Mad as Hell’ organizers. Many people in our community are extremely concerned about hate against vulnerable low-income and homeless people and do not want to support businesses that participate in this kind of discrimination and hate-mongering. For this particular event the location has already been widely publicized by media and the ‘Mad as Hell’ group and we expect that given the concern about hate there will likely be a peaceful protest outside the event, which will bring further negative media and public attention to Harbour Towers in connection with this hate group.

Should Harbour Towers elect to continue to host the event we will be letting our community, professional, and personal networks know of this decision.

Thank you,