I am proud to have been able to have started a facebook page for us Lived Experience of Homelessness, its been a long time coming.

I want to share about it here.

Its “secret” and “invite only”. We need a space like the “untouchables” in India needed a voice, we need one too. We as lived experience in so called Civilisation are being led around from one government project after another, by various research grant to housing projects, studied and used to move other peoples work forward, often work I support and sometimes work that makes a difference, we need to know which is which is which and stop waiting our valuable time.

I often ask myself:  “what has changed SIGNIFICANTLY and how am I moving forward others voices who are more marginalized than myself: to lead or at least help influence decisions by bringing forth the voice?”

It is time we lead, straight up all over on the issues of poverty, affordable and social housing, coops, Micro Housing, on de-criminilisation of pain relieving drugs, and so on…  We are after all truly LEGION and we are the best at dealing in with this poverty systemic  crisis, often the best at being direct in conflicts, sharing and being forgiving.

Most of us are not “the hopeless” or in need of “reintegration”. Most want to take care of our own and stick together.  Yes, some want to reintegrate and there is plenty of help for that over the years.

However: Most of us want systemic change, De-colonisation.  We have walked out of manager jobs, Food and Retail, walked away form families due to systemic oppression’s.

We went to streets and some never turned back, some never made it back.  We left home early RIGHT AFTER THAT FIRST JOB started cause we had enough self respect and knowing get the heck out!  We left after the 1st, or 2nd child…

We are Legion and we have experience,  our stories, we are the best resource for each other and for systemic change which many of us cry out for.

Photo’s: Vince dancing;  Dawna who is a supporter and fire keeper with a Super InTent City Resident;  Folks hanging by the sacred fire thanks to Chrissy Brett who is a supporter and Dawna.

This is for lived experience of homelessness, not those who “felt like they never really had a home” but for those who actually were without a home and vulnerable.  Some will never go back and rage peacefully at system. If you are now or have ever been “homeless” (for lack of a better term) I’d love to invite you to this group, let me know and pass me your facebook name.  Once in, invite your friends and so on, and so on…

Here is a version of what you’ll read when you get to site:

Welcome to the Networking site for those who are now or have had

Lived Experience Of Homelessness.

Some of us are currently involved or living at Super InTent City in Victoria aka L’kwungen WSANEC territories. Now is the time for poor to network direct with each other with no “managers” but with the man allies who come forward who want to help strengthen our connections and support us leading. Please invite your LEOH local to you and help network or share your information so we can all know what each of us are up to in each city!

We believe in the strength of Networking each others diverse experience with homelessness: Tent Cities, Micro Housing, Social Housing, Horrible housing, just tenting as you go along, squatting, homeless who are traveling by “train hopping”, safe areas and unsafe areas to tent as homeless, or squat as homeless.

There is a growing movement of Tent Cities, Micro Housing, and a general movement of poor which I think is based on the idea that its gotten over the top so bad and we can see how much worse its going to get what with no social hosing being built in over 25 years so we best act now before its too late.

Victoria is about to start to build its first Micro Housing Village, Toronto now has a Tiny House Movement, Montreal is looking at Micro Housing and had organisers looking into it, Tent cities all over like Maple Ridge and Abbotsford’s Abby Diggs are trying to exist only to be shut down by police.

Even now in L’kwungen WSANEC territories we are in a court case, please go and see Super InTent City facebook site.

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness national conference is in London Ontario this year and we want to discuss, strategize and plan for that.

I hope to do a part 2 on Micro Housing and Tent Cities focusing this year on Tent Cities and bring folks from this area, get them funding and help them have  a voice.  That is in works.  I’d love it if all anti poverty and front line organizations local to each of us helped pay for at least one lived experience to go and represent in London!

We have learned that we are the ones who must lead in freeing ourselves from this oppressive state that legislates poverty and controls us within Poverty Industry. Its time to de-colonise.  I am DONE with bureaucracy so bad!

Sometimes when we take a risk like how local hardcore homeless did here in Maple Ridge, and in Abbotsford with Abby Diggs, how they are sharing their governance with those at Super InTent, and how its been a living document, ever changing.  Here as elsewhere are original campers who risked arrest and decided to not move because they noticed the sheriffs did not bug them too.  Then, more and more tents went up and the community support  grows by the day.

We are legion, those of us with Lived Experience Of Homelessness, and we are more and more organising among ourselves and we will always share.  We fight but, we get thru.  Allies are all around us, we even had Alliance To End Displacement folks come from mainland, we had Herb and Audrey and many more from the DTES as well as Abbotsford and Maple Ridge, they helped organise to pick up/meet  and came and shared their experience strength and hope with us as a growing movement!  Social Coast Bus picked them up, thank you Alliance to End Displacement.  I just heard an SOS out of Maple Ridge “Come to us next, we need a positive rally.”  Carol Romanow

I and many others from women in African countries who lead in this movement to Martin Luther King and more and more people understand how a Livable 4 All Income would Help. We need to Reach Out To Unions and help EDUCATE them as to why we need a Livalbe4All Income as poor, to expres our concerns around how many of us feel the need to slow down production, get rent controls back, dismantle the welfare system all together. I and many many more believe we need to move away from greed kkkapitalism!  Read: Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything

I want us all to enjoy living with, not destroying, this planet.