Beautiful 1000 am meeting with a lot of guest’s.  We acknowledged we are in Lkwungen WSANEC Territories.

I was personally happy to see one of my two ministers from First Unitarian Universalist congregation as well as members!  I have no words.

I do have words of respect and the fact I am so proud of and for our homeless family and community not only here in Lkwungen aka Victoria but British COlumbia as mainlanders who also struggle around housing are making their way to us!  We care about all people across this land, across the globe who are displaced due to the current kapitalist resource extraction system aka economic system!

We want change, we want community, folks at InTent was to remain in their community and I and others feel connected to this community as well.

Many are today and over the next weeks writing affidavits to reflect this amasing healing community, you want to see community and what it looks like?  Come on down today and the next few weeks as people homeless work with housed to help have a secure safe place they call home.  We are able in this public space to share, to commune, to meet on our own terms, in our own way, with no manager or police.  No hate can live there.

There is a “we” already.  Try and mess with that now and you got a whole lot of unity you are going to come up against already, it grows by the minute.

Respect to those down there!  You are inspiring many, you come and go and still call InTent home.  It is a beautiful thing, folks wanting to remain a part of the home after they go out on their own is a common thing when children leave homes right?  They can keep coming back?  That is true for those who call Super InTent City home.

Police reiterated they will not move in today and will give warning as an injunction is in process now.  Seems we have till at least Mar. 10th.

Photo’s of this am’s circle:


Oh the life of an anti poverty anarcho feminist radical lover….