Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up…,

Today is the day folks at Super InTent City want to help each other clean up for the visitors coming tomorow for their Block PArty.

We were lovingly reminded that some need a bit of help or encouragement with their pile so, lets show that loving feeling and spread the vibe, come and help bag up the stuff.  Remember that institutionalization occurs in folks life due to charity model which states homeless cannot handle their food and must be served, can’t even do their own dishes usually.

Also remember, as you are helping clean up; if its bottles and cans that are Bottle Depot, place in bag and leave at each tent where ever they were found (in front or near that tent), respect space, don’t move folks buggy’s unless you ask… If you are from community and want to help out, today is the day. Just ask what you can do when you get there.
These are my daughter and I’s faves from when she was little……

Some photo’s to share which I tried to upload earlier… oh well, I still cannot.

I vill fix soon!

Hardy har har har