Hi friends, just a quick update, share and fyi:

Super InTent will no doubt be displaced by order of Province by police from court house spot.

When that happens it looks like it will be our first STAY TOGETHER SHOPPING CART PARADE Displacement with our FIRST STAY TOGETHER MOVE for Super InTent folks!

InTent homeless have had some discussion off and on since it formed regarding when the day comes that our homeless campers will be displaced by the Province.

Where shall they go?  The fact is, we in L’kwungen WSANEC territories are better off with a tent city UNTIL WE GET  REAL SOLUTIONS BUILT.  UNTIL WE SHIFT THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM TO ONE THAT IS EQUITABLE.  Facts are facts and there is less crime in some spots and no increase of crime where Super InTent is now!  So, lets think of that.  The Diverse Social Housing Proposal states we need mini tent cities and micro housing NOW until we get significant homes built that are social housing at 30% of income!


Here is more form Dignity Village Folks:


Since our humble and admittedly civilly disobedient beginnings, we have come a long way.

Shopping cart parades from the early movements of Camp Dignity
Shopping cart parades from the early movements of Camp Dignity

From December of 2000 until September of 2001, Dignity occupied a series of otherwise unused public spaces near downtown Portland. Each move was a celebratory occasion for another of our famous shopping cart parades which increasingly became community-wide events well-covered by the media.

Under the Fremont Bridge
Under the Fremont Bridge

During this time, Dignity Village was democratically derived under the Fremont Bridge when Dignity was at its largest size ever (80+ people), a slow process that involved a lot of back-and-forth and which took the better part of a year. Our accomplishment was a first step on the road to legitimization, that we were no longer just a bunch of homeless people but a registered 501(C)3 non-profit.

The early set-up at Sunderland Yard.
The early set-up at Sunderland Yard.

Eventually, on September 4th, 2001 Dignity was forced under threat of a police sweep to move to Sunderland Yard, a city-owned leaf-composting facility seven miles from downtown. Our present location in Sunderland Yard is our sixth and only location not arrived at in one of our popular shopping cart parades. And since we began both the purpose and the long-range vision of Dignity have become steadily more refined in the praxis of the village’s historical development.