February 25th is the day that the BC government has named as eviction day for Super InTent City residents on the courthouse lawn in Victoria on the traditional territories of the Songhees & Esquimalt First Nations.

Super InTent City is about safety and security for its residents and this extends to the broader community. The temporary and limited offers from the Provincial Government are not enough to meet the needs of ALL members of Super InTent City and we will stand together to say NO to displacement! We do not want to be dispersed into the parks, forests and doorways of the City where we are more isolated and less safe.

Tent cities and housing that is created and run by those who live there IS the solution to the housing crisis in B.C. We are proud to host our brothers and sisters from Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford and the Downtown Eastside Vancouver who are fighting demovictions, temporary shelters, tent city injunctions, gentrification & homelessness in their cities. Thank you to the Alliance Against Displacement for organizing travel.

Join us as we celebrate the building of a provincial-wide movement for housing justice!

Food at 3:30pm
Rally at 4pm
Community gathering until 7pm

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