Good morning folks.  Some of you were around Saturday when Myra, myself and Graham (thanks to Chris Kennedy  from the CTEHV ) brought hay bails to camp, not enough but a good start.  We can see as of this am we need 16 more bails to be paid for, picked up and dropped off at Super InTent City!  Michells is only place has them and htey are 11.00 a bail.
So, Myra, Alison and I are going to help raise the money needed with more hay bails and, Dawna aka Grandma had a great idea: We can landscape the water to go elsewhere. Yes, we can. We can create trough’s that direct the water to sidewalk’s etc. So, one can use a stick for that, a shovel or garden tool would work as well….
We hope to bring more asap, in the meantime, any slats / wood folks were placing on paths that had to be removed fro safety reasons, can now be used to lift UP tents off ground so, lets get tents off ground and redirect water flow to help get rid of puddles on pathways as well.
Amasing community once again taking care of each other.
Also, Super INTent City has a facebook page, I’d love it if someone helped them with a wordpress page so that more folks can access them who are NOT on facebook.
We were hoping to have already connected up the InTent campers with Abby Diggs campers by now, those living it thus leading really ought to be talking with each other more directly.
So, if you can help get word out to Abby Diggs, I am doing all I can today to get a hold of them and encourage / get help for them to have their own facebook site / wordpress site cna be for them all..?
Tent Cities and Micro Housing is growing across Canada and it behooves us all to insure they can talk to each other.
That to me is community building at its best.
Nothing ABout Us Without Us rioght here right now on the ground.
kym hothead hines
APAG  Anti Poverty Action Group (off of the CTEHV)
Transform Homelessness Advocacy WAtch on VIMEO.
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