Point in Time Count of our homeless family members in Lkwungen Territory aka Victoria has been delayed as volunteer folks ran out of forms and stipend and had to run back to City Hall and get help. Right now folks are at Super InTent doing a count and waiting for City Hall runners to return.  I know folks were looking for the counters from 5pm onward, communication could have been helped by info on posters/leaflets.
So far, I’d say its got some big wrinkles on this front.  Seems like maybe GVCTEH screwed up a bit though, no deets on posters, Poverty Heads like Don Evans at Our Place did NOT insure staff at Our Place were informed…, so far, they got till 10pm and it is supposed to end then. I am not sure how many volunteers are out there but, all the best to you all.
Oh my…you need it.
I appreciate you volunteering and, I worry that many are not getting counted who are red zoned, like at least two who are red zoned from InTent tonight.
Red Zones, do NOT get me started!