Very powerful meeting this am at InTent!  I love what is happening before our eyes and HIGHLY recomend you get down there and bare witness just in the day to day, not to mention friday, tomorow, we ahve an oppurtunity to learn how to be a witness when raging grannies arrive and Alison Acker will offer to step aside and do a training.
Today really moved me, learned a lot, feel ever more connected. Support grows daily!
Thank you to folks for sharing all the mixed feelings about the Youth Detention / Jail.  Like I wrote, some can see potential and, if given the opportunity would bring healing, art, food creation, gardens, mini tent cities, micro housing etc.
Thanks to Sherman and his sharing, offering new insights into what diversity can look like while we actually work to change NOW and for some of us, its a continuation and we got to be open and humble.


Folks, I and others are learning and we have a lot of wisdom of experience and for many, its the first time some of them are being heard by community.
THE first time, so,  I think we can give them some time right?  I heard Sherman speak of accountability which is part of acceptance for him, and for many.  We got to work shit out in every moment, no one deserves more or less respect than anyone else.
Yes, we can respect our diverse gifts, many of us have done diverse sorts of “time” in this system. Some have ahd to do time in jail, some have had to do time in upper corporate hell, I would NOT wish that on my enemy!
think outside that box.
I want to thank others as well, asking for forgiveness for behaviors and explaining them to us all so openly and with humbleness.
It was a powerful thing to bare witness to. I am grateful once again to Dandelion Society for insuring a homeless person gets help with teeth care, he has been in a lot of pain, and has an appointment monday, now he is going to have peroxide and ibuprofen for pain and keeping it clean. Others there also have tooth issues and, no doubt we can bring a few bottles of hydrogen peroxide, use a bit with a some water and rinse well, 2X 200 mg Ibuprofen, follow directions re: maximum, do test to insure you are not allergic…
it helps with inflammation.
I am not impressed with police disrespecting circle time.  When they come theya re disruptive.
Here they are again today being disruptive.
Grandma and a visiting homeless who is accessing the shelter system followed him around camp, he stated he was doing a walk around to try and find stolen bikes.  Fair enough, but, do you really have to come during the meeting time two days in a row?
I get why Ministry people are coming around…
A People United Will Never Be Defeated!
Good on you InTent and visitors who are helping to give a “six up” to meeting folks.
I noticed way more folks are going over and backing each other up, this is community.  I am proud of us today.  We did good with helping keep folks warm and insuring buddies were with camera folks. Have a good day folks.