I cannot believe it but, a certain neighbour, the one who left these notes:

He has now left these two, both today.  I took the first one down, went and did an erand and came back to this one.

Why you may ask?  Because I keep shutting the laundry room door to help keep scents away from my entry way where scents linger from hall.  I get scents off of my balcony, as you all know.  This is the same man who kept putting stinky lysol type product on hall rugs, made CRD replace the rug in front of my door and that did not help.  It is why I am leaving, in the end.

I am being poisoned by a neighbor and, threatened as well.

I was asked to call the police, as CRD did so and let them know what was happening re: other neighbour who left shit outside my door a few times.

These are all signs of unhealthy people living isolated and NOT in community, Not dependant on each other and with much anger at the world.  They both seem to think their behaviors is alright, not surprising given state of world and so on.

We need a Livable4All Income Guarantee and Social Housing get built, NOW!  We have got to help out by putting in some time to each community.  I believe that every building where there are renters, we got to help educate the people in them.

Renters unions, renters strikes…

We can organise and, if we do not, we will all be left in the dust.  No one is gonna come and save us, we got to save ourselves and we can only do it together.

We are going to bring community building into every apartment in this and other cities across Kanada.  Can you feel the Tent City and Micro Housing movements, the land defence movements?  I can.  So can others and we Are rising against systemic abuse and creating our own home.

Come together or fall alone.

Here is some great example’s from InTent City Folks: