It is clear to me that police have changed their tune down at InTent.  The Province has definitely directed them to get campers to leave, if you ask me anyways, it’s what I see.  I was at the meeting at 1000 am on the day the province sent the landlord etc…, we did three rounds that day.  We already went over the directive Don Evans was given to “get those homeless campers away from the public eye.”  What is happening down there, why do we need to remove the homeless campers?  CommUnity is what.

Unity.  The Anglican Bishop of Vancouver Island


supports them to be there, the Christ Cathedral supports them, many of us understand that the system needs an overhaul and are supporting them.  Many neighbors are meeting with and learning new ways of being.  We not only need a mat/shelter/home, we need community and each other.  Many of us support this for that reason that we too need community.  WHy am I out there?  This is my community and I already know that, many folks I have known for 20 years.

Go check out my facebook page Kym Hines or Super InTent City page (her video is under visitors page) and see Leona in a video!  I have known her since she was 16.  SHe does an amasing job at articulating how many who are housed are in horrible conditions and none of us should have to live that way.