Was great to ride down to InTent City, get updated.  Saw Chrissy and Thea first few minutes.  Thea was organising for food.  Thanks Linzy Nelson for this great juxtaposition foto!


Chrissy gave me updates from day before, how fire men came and were told to take the fire barrel, as it turns out, they were asked not to take it.

CORRECTION: I was told a correction to this story, I misunderstood the sister who shared with me earlier, my error.  As it turns out, the fireman and sherif were not showing signs of solidarity, on the contrary, they were showing signs of utter disrespect!

They gave no respect to the first nations woman shown in photo, it was when the first nations man came down with his drum as well that they backed off.  He drummed and they stood in solidarity.  So  I am [NOT actually] happy firemen were [NOT]showing Solidarity With Homeless Campers.


Here they are being educated by first nations about right to a safe well attended fire.


Respect to local first nations for caring for these people who are in need in Lkwungen territory.  Thank you for defending this fire.  Many of you are not in this photo, Thea, Dawn and many more…, InTent can use all our support.

Respect, all my relations.

Solidarity WIth Our Homeless Campers.

I think this is a great logo for the cross Canada movement of tent cities/micro housing and tiny house movements for the poor, that seems to be pushing itself out!?  I know of folks in Toronto, Montreal, many major cities and add to that the movies like Lowdown Tracks:


Lowdown Tracks does focus on musicians and is helping with plight of homeless, it is also bringing light to Tent City Urbanism as well.

One can read the book by Andrew Heben “Tent City Urbanism”.

I was happy to bring these issues up at my panel in Montreal this last year at CAEH entitled THinking OUtside The Box.  We had a lot of folks come to that, even a city worker out of Maple Ridge spoke at meeting about this movement which is growing and gaining interest, I HOPE IT WILL BRING MUCH NEEDED ENERGY to the Social Housing Now movement.



On that note, sadly our Social Housing Now Banner was dragged around by some “new fellow” who seemed to have “lost it” with that banner in hand.

Protest Sheraton4Street

We Need A New Banner Social Housing Now Friends.

Funny how I just warned about how we got to be careful of new homeless showing up and being destructive, that is the bad side of “the police way”, to send in “rats” who do such things.  Having said that, this person can be and, most likely is another homeless person who is having a mental health break down and needs a lot of attention and may need a loving intervention.  We have to help them or the police help themselves to them and they become “police informants”.  Lets not allow that to happen to any of our community members, no one left behind!

It’s a hard life.

Its why we treat all people with equity.  We intervene because we love them and hey, “respect people’s art buddy”!
We lovingly educate them with our honesty as I have done here, to help teach them with words, peer pressure can do that sometimes.

That banner meant a lot to me, to Alison Acker and many other who carried it or help it up this past few years.

I remember when folks from the SOcial Housing Now movement from the DTES brought it across the water for us.

Now I am asking for another Social Housing Now banner.  I know it’s just a matter of time before we get another.  Yes, I am being positive.

with love and respect,


ps: the police have made their presence more known at InTent and so have the community, the fire department being sent was another sign of how there is a system in play and we helped keep that fire going, thanks Chrissy and others present who went thruy a process fo consensus and empowerment.  I hear there is mroe unity happening at camp as well, good on you folks, you are an example to us all.

We have learned that the province does not play by the same rules as the hearts of people here in Victoria want to follow.  Except if your job depends on it like with Don Evans, he is sadly a poverty head puppet.  He refused to hear the people and instead is hearing only his orders/directives.

His face here to me shows this.  I want him to know I do not personalise this, I care for him and see we are the ones who have to lead as he cannot, he is not allowed to, you get it?


We the people will lead ourselves out of this mess, we will insure Homes are built for ALL!   THis crown land was sitting empty.  And please DO NOT try and make a make work program out of this site, it is what it is!  It is a site chosen by homeless as a temporary transitional housing site.

InTent are grateful for the firewood that has come to them, they definitely need only good healthy firewood.  There was one night it was smokey cause they ran out and people brought beach wood, yuck I know but, they were cold and forgot, they have all been reminded.

Also, there is a veteran who wants to go home, can Dandelion speak with him at camp, he is the big guy who was kicked out of a Starbucks.

I will let him tell his story to Dandelion, but, he is asking for them.



ppss: look at the juxtaposition of View Towers and the money they suck outa Victoria!!!  I’d rather stay at InTent City than at View Towers.