So, as you can see, I once again found some human feces outside my door, it was covered with a styrofoam cup this time, well, I will let you see it.


I have a neighbor who will tell you that folks have been shitting in this building off and on for three years, if not longer.

A person who moved out in the past few months had feces all over a good portion of their walls.  To me, this is a sign of emotional mental distress, a red flag, a warning sign of a failed social system.

I have two years of photo’s of feces and urine in the View Towers apartment stairwells.

All the CIty of Victoria had to do was build more bathrooms like the ONE that was built over by Rebar.  Why not all over?  Right?  Spread them out and give some dignity to our travelers who are visiting, to our elders and locals who get stuck out and in need, for a thousand reasons.

But, back to inside dwellers who are isolated and emotionally in need of help, of interaction.  I am about to go into a bath and no, I am not going to have that ruined, I am not even personalising it, hell, the person may even know I am writing this blog and is calling out for help on behalf of a lot more folks who are obviously in a similar place.

It is heart breaking, when I say we are in trouble socially, how we need to be in public spaces more and more, meet each other as pack animals are supposed to be.  I mean it.

The great juxtaposition example is of going down to InTent City, which has been so so good for me and the greater community.  I sure as heck am going to support them for as long as I am breathing.

This post needed to end on some positive images, like Intent how great InTent City is rather than this human feces under a cup outside my door.  Why? WHo knows, someone read the study or write it.

I beleive it is because too many folks are isolated, this often turns to anger and no one to help them sort thru their angry feelings.  We have a lot to be angry about in society.  Fear mongering makes many angry not just scared.  Reactive.  Too much TV and not enough social time.

Let’s keep coming together and call out those who are in need of it, it’s how we grow, become friends, become family.  We are all equal, none are above or below, we all have a place in production.   Its how it can be.

I have got to sleep.   Mr. Maintenance just got here, he drove over from Goldstream and, that sucks right…?  But, CRD is now on top of this and this is a health concern. Just glad I saw it before anyone stepped on it.

Thank goodness for vinegar.

I just want to say, I asked CRD to be moved to another suite due to the perfume and scents issue, pretty much has me so exhausted and in horrible fatigue.  That is why I am moving.  Having said that, I am not going to miss the feces in the building issue.

After hearing of so many other incidents way before I moved in, at least I do not have to personalise it.   I do however think we ought to all know in society that we have to deal with it.

Social Housing Now must happen, the feds and provinces must build. Feds can and must create a Livable For All Income and not wait till the resource extractors take it all.  Resource pigs will take the money and try and pull an *Argentina and run.  Unless we pull an Iceland and shift to a healthy economy, protect water land and Life for all.