I am an acadian metis kym hothead hines, I am a visitor in Lkwungen Territory

With the help of Debie O’Connell and Steph Lovatt , as well as help in editing from supportive friends and ally’s like Emily Paradis.  Her and I are members of LEAC, Lived Experience Advisory Council, also local Trudy Norman who has been a member of CTEHV, Eko Goldberg and even now BCNPHS, too many others to list who helped, and I have been working on creating this document for two years now.  It includes three critical aspects for me:

A Livable Income For All.  Homes For All.  Lead By Us.  Nothing ABout Us Without Us is for every community.  Every community is an “us”.

We can come together and insure all are housed as they’d like to be in order to best give back to life what they take.  Many will have to learn a lot of new things, many old are being cared for now and their generations are already changing, helping to keep their family line going by changing.

Some want shared homes and gardens, other’s want more private individual tiny homes in a community with shared areas / gardens, most realise we need to live simpler and all will have to get on board with nature.

Many want to stay at InTent, I get it.


Art by InTent Resident being auctioned for candles for camp.

Others want to spread out and not be just in one, they feel it is too crowded for them.  Can we not consider the idea that Keyvan Shojania suggested WITH the other idea that Martin Luther King had back in the 60’s?  Keyvan had suggested in Taking The Fall film: give a permit to any homeless and let them have a spot.  They got to care for that spot, if they do not care for that spot or are disorderly/disrespectful, they got to move to a less nice spot, maybe one further out, or one that has staff working to help insure calm.  Some can be self governed harm reduction modeled and others can be clean and sober.  Let folks spread out and allow the laws of land to be used when needed, they already exist.  IF we knew as front line where the harm reduction users were versus the drinkers or those who are clean and sober with families, we can act accordingly.  All this TILL WE GET THAT Livable4All Income.  What I can guarantee is that all will find their spot, their thing, their gift to bring to community and learn to do so together.  Some will still need to go off is a safe space for the night to be alone and tranquil, and respectful.  I think that some do not mind having to tuck away at designated spots for over night and be able to sleep in in am, if site is clean etc.  What with dogs and all the vegetation in our park area’s and children, families and youth who need to be able to use them at early hours, some spots folks will have to leave for day, I suppose? Others folks should be able to erect a temporary wheeled shelter for healthier living and health reasons.

folks I think could benefit from an issued spot so they can rest have peace and not worry about bylaw or police unless they are causing a disturbance or being rowdy.  You get it right?

Martin Luther KIng had this idea to end poverty thru use of a guaranteed livable Income AND to build homes now.  He had a budget in mind back then in America that was 30 million to start.  What would the budget be for BC, ALberta, Toronto, New Foundland, Canada?  How much to begin building and how much for a livable income for all, get rid of welfare state all together?  Think about it.  Please give it time while we have it.

We can and I think I can be so bold as to say, we must engage in more much needed task’s which many believe is to clean up the mess our ancestors helped create and we can stop adding to that mess by radically changing on a global level how we live.  Get back to wonderful basics, with what we know and with powerful nature’s help, we can really enjoy life, all of us.

Forget about “how we do business” because “business as usual” is dead.   Kapitalism as we have sadly known it, is dead, and we know it, we all got to start acting like it.  The elephant in the room must be spoken about or it shall take your mind and life, do not allow the colonial madness take us, unite, keep reaching out as you are and you and I will be the stronger and we if needed, carry each other thru the hard times so that we can stick together.  We are supposed to work to live, not live to work.

Yes we are all in this together.  And, capitalism as we know it must change and we are in that change.  To insure all are housed across Canada AND to enact a Guaranteed Livable INcome for all means no more suffering.  Means organic farming will be on a BIG comeback, it means I can grow Hemp in my backyard and have the most nutritional milk made from sprouting hemp seeds.

We can do whatever the heck we want as long as its loving, healthy, good for all, not violent, not destructive but can be a part of a natural cycle.

I want Life, we are all done with death culture which had a paternalistic root.   The times are a changing and we must change with them.

It is time to fight for justice and health, balance can come back.  Here is a reminder of how we can simply do things differently now, remember Mark Lakeman who spoke at City Hall, here is his Ted Talk, this can work with radical first nations who now defend nature and want to stop Pipelines and destructive mining practices, I think you might be able to make the connections, I sure did: