That is Johnny sticking his head out and me making a face, Laurel stands with me…

We went to the library for the meeting and two InTent city folks asked us to come back to site as there were not enough homeless at meeting.  What a great idea and it made a difference.  We started late and it was well worth it.

It was wonderful to see Bill whom my friend Kecai introduced me to, as well as other first nations folks share what they were doing in support of this tent city, Bill also reminded InTent that support from first nations is there and that mostly it was asked from local leaders to please be respectful of each other.  To care for each other, to speak to each other with respect.

We had way more homeless tenters join us back at the site and, as the meeting progressed more shared openly their hopes and concerns.

Many tenters spoke to housekeeping items, wanting more communication and how to do that, one sister pointed out that if you see it you care for it.  t was brought up re: representation and how folks can represent for each other at meetings, how we can keep watching each others backs.  WHich brings me to mainstream media, as they did work with police years ago to help shut down the tent city across from Our Place by filming from a block away and actually catching two people do a drug exchange at the bus stop by McDonald’s.  This coverage got into 6 o’clock news and the female was arrested after the news!

So, we were all reminded about making sure behaviors are what we are dealing with in each moment, no judgement as to whether or not a person uses alcohol or cannabis, that respect be number one.  All present agreed.

Don Evans was there and heard more feedback from folks re: how some feel a “division is occurring”, many described how it was safer here for her as a woman, that folks can hear what is happening with neighbors, that peeps need to watch out for women to insure men are not stalking or taking advantage of women.

Here are some shots of camp today:






We had an artist do this great small work of art, he is auctioning it off and so far the first bid is 30.00, money will go towards candles.  Go to Super InTent to watch for deets on auction.





A great surprise to bump into Bobby Arbess, he was on his way to court on behalf of Walbran Defenders!


Bobby came to me months ago and asked what I thought of the idea of bringing Micro Housing Peeps Mark Lakeman and Andrew Hebron to Lkwungen Territory thru our Committee To End Homelessness Victoria, the grass roots pass the hat don’t get funding group, as opposed to the GVCTEH Greater Victoria Coalition To End Homelessness which formed one year after we did, gets funding and the mayor is chair of that group. We wondered if this would take.

Bobby and I did bring the idea to CTEHV, we managed to get the City Hall and support from Lisa Helps as well as other City Councilors such as Marianne Alto, Ben Issitt and Jeremy Loveday. We had the first presentation that Bobby did with my help at the Downtown Community Center, was a great time I will never forget.

We had almost unanimous support on council and, since that City Hall event, many jumped on board.  Good to know who the founders were, thanks CTEHV and Bobby as well as myself.

Here is a Ted talk by Mark which was pretty much our talk, here is link:

“Bad Ass Democracy”, may it inspire us all to unite and come together around lobbying for change, lobbying for a Livable4All income and social housing Now!