This will be short and sweet.  Good to be back and loads to share.  To jump right in, I was reminded by Eko and others today that:

Until there is an injunction, InTent is safe.  TAPS is very much on it as folks at InTent have been on it.  There seems to be a lot of planning and preparations, that was great to see and hear.  There is not one leader, there are many.  Great team work is happening.  Someone will welcome you and many will help spread out the gifts brought.

Be brave, they are a great bunch and have boundaries when needed. Today I was struck that a man came from community, he was an RN, he said he had experience with homelessness a long time ago, he was my age.  He had brochures for info. re: nutrition basically.  A powder to help get you the nutrition needed.Compassion and love is always welcome no matter who you are, we are all judged by our actions not our looks, stigma needs to be named, called out and move beyond.   I see a lot of stigma busting happening and its lovely as heck!  Always great to meet new folks and glad for the acceptance I feel, as well as the boundaries peeps put out.  I crave honesty even though I am often surprised these days by it.  It is why I joined the Universalist Unitarian church,m I needed such a community of diversity in which I can thrive and be who I am.

Back to focus: As far as tenters, some have left, more have come, it seems to have a good balance currently.  Here is a list of needs from today, as well as big thank you’s to all who have been supporting.  This am the church across street brought french toast and bacon, a good amount that fed many happy folks!

Here is a fellow helping out with security who has been around for a few years, he watched the tent city go up in 2009 across from Our Place and watch it get attacked by p he has:


Here is the list of needs:

Small tea candles.

Sleeping bags.

Insure for folks who are in need of nutrition.

Dog and cat food, we got three cats and at least one dog.

Thin cooking pans that are not all scratched up teflon.

Respect and thanks community.

ps: I was so happy to hear local first nations, I believe Malahat (?)  are bringing in firewood ( please correct me if I am wrong), if you want to share some, do bring it down, really helps with spirit, keeps folks warm and one fire has an ability to be cooked on.  I was pleased a brother came over and asked my help to intervene with a younger fellow using an axe in an unsafe manner.  I was able to ask him to be careful and thanked the brother who brought it up.

With compassion and forgiveness we can get thru.  I want to thank everybody today for their patience with my disassociation.  There is a “we” and I am but one part of it, I believe we all have a place in production and its always in a tent city whereby I have witnessed just how much we can do when we come together in a crisis.  Boundaries are tough and I am grateful to be around folks who have them right off, we deal and move on.

Such diversity can be challenging and yet, this challenge continues to bring us together.