What a great few days.  It seems we have a plan and are moving ahead. This community rocks, and there are way more peeps involved than you see in these photo’s.

ON that note, I am encouraging the InTent folks that their voice is needed on this journey.  When your voice is not heard for al lyoutr life, why believe it will be heard now?  We got to risk it, we risk more for less so, that is my answer to that one.  As well, there are those who just don’t do meetings, we can represent for them best we can and, I saw folks doing that and I was impressed.

Today’s luncheon that Mary Vickers potlatched with APAG: Anti Poverty Action Group was a lot of fun.

We served chili and a stewing beef soup.

It was a slow serving that when over at least an hour.  Slow moving camp today, makes sense re: weather and some of them, like me, got their disability cheques.  Many are not on welfare.

I met a veteran who asked after support, I thot ALlen Tysick may be able to help him out?  Anybody got ideas?

He def needs a tent and he is a big fellow so, I am guessing a 4 person for him.  We also need at least two other tents and, since space is an issue and it is winter, if possible we need more winter tents with less mesh and more nylon wall.  thanks so much.

Here is the fellow who is in need of tent and continued support for the path he chose which is clean and sober.  Thanks friends.


He can use a bike and trailer as well.  Bless you if you can help him, it seems to me he can use it to go on rides, be getting space and air, and to also work.

I had gone to the 10 am meeting and helped network the info.

Yesterdays meeting was very productive as well as saturdays.  FOlks mostly seemed to need to state their boundaries and I am grateful they were heard.

Here is the trick: when we as poor and homeless know that this system needs absolute shifting and we must do this work, how many do not want to be part of a unhealthy society which is capitalist based, we want community changes to occur.  We are learning that many others do as well want BIG change.

I am relieved to hear this good news.  It is indeed good news and what a great time for this to happen.  Church community are helping and supporting a great deal and it warms my heart.

We meet and pass that talking stick, and share form hearts loaded with experiences that are feeding htis movement.  We all have a place in production.


InTent have many who are chewing on and some working on governance for the homeless camp and preparing for this move.  They are using ABBY DIGS as a template and now even have more help come in re: folk sin teint city who have done this kind of work before.

I am excited for them, sounds weird coming from me but, can you all think good thoughts for them?  Pray if that is what you do.  Thanks.

Note: It is obvious to more and more that not all want to go in, all of us been hearing this since beginning, so, we need to support those who want to go in to go in, and those who do not want to go inside should be able to stay out.  Right?  If we cannot build them homes or get the province and feds to build them homes, healthy ones, then they need to have a spot.  Please let them have a spot, can you find it in your hearts?

We should be able to allow a couple of mini tent cities to sprout as it helps when folks who know each other can stick together.  If the tent city is not so big, it’s easier to maintain.  Some might want to stay at court-house, many in community around current site are ok with that.

WIth great love and respect,

Kym A. Hines aka hothead.