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CRD, Death Threats And Me.  Please refer to that article for details.

But, basically in community we need to be trained on conflict resolution, a “how to do it” training, we can use anti oppression 101 which helps us KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER and learn form EACH OTHER ABOUT OPPRESSION and how best to deal, as well as Mental Health FIrst Aid.

I am being more clear for CRD, we are learning as we go along.  Sadly, I need help with conflict resolution and it seems I have to help CRD build one for their tenants/buildings.  I need help asap before I leave on 23rd.  I’d like someone to stay at my home, preferably a large male friend!

Other wise I have asked Christine to ask Dennis to keep an eye out for the front of my door and to help clean any powder he pays down on rugs.  I learned of another woman who is shocked this is going on on our floor.  SHe too cannot deal with scents.  Now that I have caught this guy putting scents down twice now, I think its time, well, its kind of late to go and have a more serious talk.

I asked that I be there if possible.  This is the reminder.

I am emailing this to Christine Culham and Janice to show where we are at today.  Not much further along sadly.   This system within CRD knows not how to deal with conflicts with tenants and it seems their hands are tied.

No sign was put on doors yesterday, I think maybe the rug guy came back yesterday already, I had to cover small amounts of powder with vinegar, I am  not aware of when Janice or anyone calls or deals directly with the two tenants I am dealing with no.  The reason I need to know is to be warned since we ARE STILL NOT TALKING and now this am I get two pages of ridiculous death threats, why?  I am not a gay man.  I have only ever had female partners ever all my life and guess what?  That is NOT the point.

Just one to make in this craziness.

I think it is time for a queer rally/action of support and to show some solidarity right?  Here are the two letters on floor at my door this am when I went to check and see who was vacuuming today?  It was our maintenance person and, in terms of this ongoing now old conflict, there is absolutely nothing Dennis can do.