It’s late and I cannot write much but, I did want to come and share some good news for once.  Last Saturday I went down to InTent and it was one windy day. Lisa Helps was there and we had a great meeting. Here is a list of needs from one camper:


NOTE: Small tea candles is what is needed on this journey, as they are safer and can help warm a tent up I guess.

Here were some of our visitors who invited us to come and take refuge in the church across the street.  To sit and be warm, to warm coats on radiators if you watch them.


The Minister was passing the talking stick.


Both women were very pleased to be here and have been getting to know many of the campers.  We all enjoyed the meeting.  We spoke about quite a bit, what sticks out for me was how Lisa Helps was committed to helping InTent work in teams with whomever the service provider was, which was requested.  We watched as wind gusts blew stuff around, and campers did really work hard to keep up with cleaning.



Its was also noted that people coming out of bars were yelling and screaming at campers, hard to deal with and yet, police seemed to blame campers so, just fyi on that one.   Campers are dealing with their own conflicts kind of like how we inside our dealing with conflicts, I have to say that Intent is doing better on that one.

More and that later.

Today: I woke up, got out of bed, and got myself to InTent City.



I met InTent City folks before our meeting, was great to see folks.  We walked together down to the library for the 1000 am InTent City meeting with Lisa Helps.


It was great to be indoors, what with the winds last saturday.  We of course also love to meet at Camp whenever possible.

We found out who was going to be the service provider for the temporary shelter for InTent City folks.  Our PLace Society.  I cannot get in depth here yet, I got to say how moved I was to hear the honesty of the homeless folks.  They shared their concerns, hopes and some suggestions, we reiterated with Lisa that InTent intends to have homeless camp folks work in teams with Our Place folks to run a smooth camp.  Empowerment based, acknowledging that we all have a place in production.  We are all somebody right now.


Laurel and Johnny above.


Lisa Helps had a great smile as did both on either side of her!  Good morning!  Please tag yourselves ie: place names in comments if you like, sorry I was unable to remember them all!


Hi Jon!




Don and Roberta.

Here are 2 quotes I am going to ask permission to use to go into the Diverse Social Housing Proposal:

“It’s not a house I need, I need healing.”

“Now, I feel like I lost my shadow and I don’t know what to do.”

These two quotes are the very reason I have worked on diverse social housing proposal.  We cannot just get folks off of streets, we got to build community up, we can and must relearn how to care for ourselves and each other.  Community has been taken away from us all due to a colonial system and it is time we begin to dismantle and rebuild.  We need community building.  Many are made worse and often become unwell within social housing due to this isolation.  We struggle with legislated poverty and we want a ground up movement which  co-creates change.  We are the only ones who are going to save us.  If we lead, the people will follow and help out, as they are now.


Like many others, I see more community on streets than what we have inside, in social housing and elsewhere!

On that note, time for a segway to CRD issues here in my building.  I went and met with Christine and her assistant, whose name I did not write down although I do have her email.

The three of us went over a lot and I feel good about the course we agreed to take.

The rugs got enzymes treated again today.  I had a great chat with the fellow  who did it this time cause I was outside and was able to breath therefore talk.  When he came last friday I was absolutely unable to be in hallway.  I also found out today why he was late last friday; cause him and his partner had a baby!  Congrats and thanks for the amasing job you did today!

CRD is going to remind everybody on floor regarding not using private scents in public spaces.  We have other plans as well re: conflict resolution.

For both conflicts, by the way.   Scents user as well as the issue with other neighbor down on 3rd floor re: “noise”.  We are dealing.

I will share more later but, the bottom line is I and others are going to work together to cocreate a handout for this building and bring what we come up with to CRD, I asked that we do have a community meeting, others down on first floor shared about meetings and, CRD has offered them up before and only three folks showed up.  I look forward to the possibility of us creating a conflict resolution process.  We also spoke of things like tenants workshops offered like Mental Health FIrst Aid, I brought forward a name of someone who can organise trainings as well, Stephanie Lovatt, her and an old coworker used to do them.  I also brought up diversity training otherwise known as anti oppression.

I left feeling a sense of accomplishment and having been heard.  It was a very professional and forward moving meeting.

Reminder to all: People are leaving their fetus ie: shitting in other buildings, this is not just happening to me or in this building.  People have been shitting off and on in this building for a few years.  Way before angry man did it to me.

We have a social crisis on our hands and it’s going to take all of us working together to heal it.  I believe the crisis stems from legislated poverty and systemic oppression, it affects us all and hurts us all.  No one is free until we are all free.  We all have a place in production.  We can do this and, really, its the only way.  We can counter stigma best by learning more about each other together, in equity.  We not me.  No one left behind, this is not a popularity contest, its community building and we all got a place in it.

respect and more later,


We got some work to do to build community.