There is a housing crisis that is looming, can you feel/hear it? Its about to burst the pipes / explode onto streets / shit will be hitting fans all across this great lands because home owners will NOT rent to poor, first nations, etc…
We got rent subsidies thrown at us, some peeps get three and NO ONE WILL RENT TO THEM IN THIS SUNDOWN TOWN!
Hey FOlks, consider this: The Province wants to temp house InTEnt City and many DO NOT WANT TO GO INSIDE.
Women and children are DESPERATE and CANNOT FIND LANDLORDS TO RENT TO THEM!!! SOme of these women have two rent subsidies!
Why Not Give The SHelter To Them? Where Are They Supposed To Go? To Rock Bay Landing?
Will we wAit till they or their children are on streets THEN DO SOMETHING? What if the mom does not make it ONE NIGHT ON STREETS? Then There Is An Investigation And Who Will Be Held Accountable? Nobody.
Here is their cry?

I also hear another cry: