Well, its almost inconceivable but, Mr. Lysol struck again!
I am shaking, mostly due to the scent.  Its horrible.

I put daughter to bed, we had a great night at a friends making ginger bread houses.  I was still nauseous but, the air outside and being out all day and, that CRD did clean rugs and use an enzyme.  It seemed to maybe be starting to help.

I did go to go to bed at 0100 and read, when I heard something outside my door but was not 100%, then I smelt something.

I was asked to be more detailed here: I went to peep hole and took a peek as fast as I could.    I saw a tall man who looked a lot like guy down hall walking away, just caught his figure heading left and, I was unable to open door due to smells and anger and shock, I could see the shite powder.  I paced in schere utter shock,  I was really mad as my daughter was sleeping.

There are photo’s below, I am blown away!  The photo’s almost go right to his door?

So, like I said to CRD, and yes Christine agreed that we need to sit down and talk about me,CRD and this fellow meeting to do some conflict resolution.

I’d need two meetings cause we still got the last two shit deliveries to deal with regarding other neighbor!

So, I am needing to do more rescue remedy, I taped door shut with my nice blue tape and I am so so so pissed off I probably could have blown that guy’s door down with one look.

My daughter is here and this is an out and out attack on me knowing now what he knows about my health issues.  I sure as heck hope that when Janice spoke to him she reminded him of the legal situation?  That he is lucky I do not call the police!

WTF man?  You cost me church in the am now!  I am done!  This gets dealt with tomorrow am, unless folks can convince me to go to church?  I suppose I should, I will need the air and, the sad thing is, once I take off the tape, we got to run like hell.

I am not going to be able to sleep here so, Dar, I guess I am coming to your camper tomorrow night!  So grateful you aired it out, I am coming now.

This is ironic given I support InTEnt City as I know damn well how bad air inside can be, not to mention the isolation folks are experiencing, if we called the cops every-time someone said they wanted to kill someone else, we’d be calling all day cause it is on the television daily!  Why am I bringing this up now?  Why because both of these men threatened my phuysical safety and or threatened to kill me!

WTF eh!  Anyways, if I was really worried for my life, I’d a left this town years ago but, there is no where else to go that is so called “safe”.  One has to watch out and keep eyes open, have lots of friends to watch your back cause many will talk shit behind it about you.

GOod to have friends though, if it were not for mine, I cannot begin to tell you where I might be right now.

Peace  love and good will towards all Life!

ps; like micheal feranti said it, and I won’t act peaceful if your not that way to me.

so true eh?
Here are photo’s:



Mr.Lysol Strikes again!