<UPDATE Dec 11, 3:35pm>

The cleaners are in hallway now, let’s hope it works!

Thanks for your phone calls, it helped!

I still am not convinced it will help so, I am having to go out and buy some duct tape just in case and, to replace what I used already.

Kym A. Hines


Well, sadly the hallway still reeks of Lysol Chemical Nightmare!  Even though Christine Culham who is a high ranking supervisor, assured me yesterday on the phone that the hallway would be cleaned with enzyme’s to help deal with the chemical’s I am having more and more harsh reaction too.  (NOTE: the fellow was late as his wife was giving birth, understandable)

I now have my daughter coming over this weekend, this afternoon actually.

I ran out of duct tape and have to go and buy another roll!  I am thinking I am needing to organise a rally at CRD, we shall see, I am considering getting on the horn about the possibility for early next week.

Poor folks who are living in Social Housing are struggling. SOcial Housing all over seems to be falling apart, falling to disrepair with no supports for individuals living within them.

Given the fact that no new units are being planned by Feds or Provinces, its getting more and more depressing and urgent this housing crisis.

Even now here in Victoria Poverty Pimping Heads are circling…circling the InTent City, circling Micro Housing Village movement…waiting for us to fail so they can swoop down and build another temporary shelter nobody wants, well, except poverty heads!  They love to run it like a good poverty industry manager does, by giving jobs to people to patrinise the poor.

UPDATE: as it turns out, Lisa Helps has insured and Don Evans has reiterated to InTent City folks today that Don is waiting to hear form and work with InTent to help co-create this shelter, as a matter of fact, they agreed today on principle that InTent City will begin to go over ABBY DIGS and other sources and rewrite their own including to begin discusions of shifts needed, who in InTen wants to help work shifts, etc..  They agreed and DOn will be able to announce to the Province that this process has begun!  I personally understand that the Province is the one who now we need to trust.  Given how they are not and have no plans to build social housing, there is not trust so, let’s see if we can build it maybe?

We definitely need to support a Livable4All Income and BUILD HOMES NOW!  Create campaigns which fights for Feds and Provinces to build now! We jump on refugee crisis and we need to jump on this one too, there are solutions and we must stop messing around and focus our efforts on the solution to end poverty that Martin Luther King wrote and planned for in the late 60’s!


Meanwhile: the emotional and mental health of the poor is going down by the day!  Back to me and chemical nightmare I am currently in.  I have chronic fatigue and I let both neighbor’s know who are being threatening.  Chemicals have been placed outside my door and the chemicals are getting in, I have been dealing with headaches, nausea and some dizziness.  I just asked 2 more folks to phone Christine Culham at CRD at 250-388-6422 and help me get the chemical nightmare dealt with and cleaned up today as Christine promised.

My daughter and I may need to go to a hotel I suppose, if so, CRD can pay!

Anyone want to help out with that one?  I’d need a credit card and a promise to fight till we win!


kym a hines