I just want a healthy home.  That seems to much to ask.  If you are poor anyways.

I know there are buildings that have been built which are LEED style ie: Healthy products, no chemical nightmare to live in.


Unfortunately, the likes of me can never afford to get into them.  I actually met a very cool woman on a ferry one day and it turned out she was a designer for one of these buildings and she was all happy to tell me all about it.  I let her explain and then disappointed her when I had to tell her the likes of me would never get into her great healthy built homes, it was hard for her to take.

I would learn of Passive Houses, one was built right across the street from me and I think we all ought to demand all our homes be built like this now that we know!


Here I am, dealing with a fellow who uses chemicals to deal with the stink coming from a neighbor’s home.  After speaking with other tenants, it seems like this person’s unit needs an inspection and I wonder why it seems impossible for a manager to organise to respectfully do so?

This mask is not working to deal with smells:

Photo on 2015-12-06 at 12.45 PM #3

This is what I need to buy:


It deals with chemicals!  Also has two canisters to deal with two nuclear bomb’s re: radiation afterwards!  That is the bonus but, let me tell you, I NEED ONE!

I know for a fact that a recent move out had feces all over their walls!  How is it that this is even possible in this day and age?  Why are folks in this building and other buildings ( I know it is happening elsewhere) why are folks using their feces to send messages?  Anger and isolation is why.

I am not sure if I am going to be able to stay here, I am not sure this weather stripping on door will work, especially since door looks like it is not set in a balanced way.  The smells coming out of hallway are not going away anytime soon, I am thinking it needs to be professionally cleaned with green products.  I know the Soap Exchange has great products and would even give a deal to social housing possibly?  I know they have a great enzyme cleaner and, I am going to probably have to use it outside my door.

I want CRD to reimburse my duct tape use!  That stuff is not cheap!