Good day to you all!   Here is an update from today at Intent City!!
I have heard from a few now this request:


InTent City on this day of December 6th, the 26th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre of women students at a UNiversity…  Was good to be able to help with conflicts today, which can arise.

Big One!: Some women and their partners want a home, other single women want a home.  None I hear from want a temporary shelter!  Not one!  Just go and ask, there are women who feel safe there and women who do not.  Just ask.  One of these women was heard to say ” just give me four walls.”  That is a home.  If they had to decide between temporary shelter and tenting, some women want the 4 walls.

Some also want to be left alone.

Ironically I was talking with a male as I was leaving and a man known amongst women as a rapist rode up on his bike and I was able to let our brother know this man is known to be a rapist amongst women so, please keep an eye out for him, watch the womens backs, he was ON IT and let me know they are now on it.  We must be brave and speak out and folks will be moved to defend and protect.  Just like the environment and Life itself, we must step up, take the higher road and act with integrity.

Unity is the way thru, hear the conflict and if needed, let it go, otherwise adapt as needed, as the brother had to today.  Good work everybody!  Security Culture can be lead by our own and I appreciate that folks are on top of it.  There were some new folks I met and folks who have been there since beginning who updated me.

I met a father to one of the homeless whom I know who is a youth, was great to meet you dad!  I also met up with the fellow who designed facebook logo and did that facebook site.  He really appreciated, as did others, how Eko went down to help represent the InTent City folks at the Lisa Helps meet up at City Hall.

Today, many of us spoke of size, how folks are doing pretty good given their exponential growth.  I suggested that folks may want to think of spreading out to another site?  Like the one in Fernwood that used to be there.  With respect, it can happen no?  Its an idea they are chewing on.  They want to make it work out and most I spoke to realise that unity can insure they are there longer.  In other words work it out and take the higher road!
Please bring your love and tent pegs, share, pass it around.

Bring love in the form of boiled eggs, oranges, someone asked for an electric kettle, ropes for tying down to those tent pegs.



Kitty cat is housed as well!  Bring some kitty health too if you can! real sweet cat!

Thanks from folks for tent/cover for food and an extra tent for this fellows family members. If you can see in photo, we need pegs to help make sure this food covering one does not fly away in a wind.  ANd tent pegs are needed for this tent him and I are in.

Please watch their backs folks, they are really trying.  Tomorrow I was invited to go to their monday morning meeting so, I am proud to go and bring more copies of  ABBY DIGS and the Consensus work as well!

Till tomorrow.

kym hothead hines