I went to door of Mr.Lysol with a friend  Lindsay and asked respectfully if we can talk, start again, clear the air?  He said no.  I can provide a witness statement.  I decided to let the police and CRD deal with it as they both have a choice and they chose to be bullies and push their personal onto others, it’s abusive.  I gave them a chance, now it’s up to the police to have to deal and for them both to have to deal with consequences to behaviors that are just wrong.  I have had to deal with so much stress, today is a funeral of a friend and I get my daughter, last night’s gift of shit at door was too much.  I am going over now to hand in my complaint.

CRD also changed the rug in front of my door and the smell is still so strong, the end of month can not come any faster.  CRD found and offered me an apartment that has its own laundry and my own entrance, I will not have to deal with the scent nightmare.  I feel for the person who might get my suite.  I hope it all works out for them and that CRD does DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY’D DO which is insure the laundry vent gets updated to go straight up to roof and not all our balconies.  Sadly, CRD says I have to pay for move, I am fighting that, I need an advocate who can help me write the letter, all the info. is here, and I am up to my elbows with now having to pack and call BC Hydro, SHAW etc…


<UPDATED Dec. 11>

Christine from CRD called me this afternoon, I got the message when I got home.  SHe said that cleaning will be done in hall, enzymes will be used.  I am hoping this works.  I am done with the headache since saturday.

Thanks to folks for phoning CRD!  I really do appreciate it and appreciate Christine is trying to handle this.

I am trying to get together with Christine and Janice to discuss how I need to clear the air with these two men.  I wanted to do it before this week end but, it looks like it has to wait till next week.  I want them to take this serious and to help get us together and to let them know they cannot threaten folks as it is illegal!  If Mr. Lysol is using these products to get rid of some gross smell, maybe we need to talk about that.  We definitely need to clarify the serious reasons why residents cannot use personal cleaning products in public spaces.

Oh my gawd I want this enzyme thing to work tomorrow!

good night folks.



<UPDATED Dec. 10>

Ok, I have had three friends over tonight, all three agreed this smell is overwhelming my house.  Yesterday late afternoon another friend came over and she was overwhelmed and shocked about this smell.  The door was sealed BUT, the smell is so strong in hallway it is getting thru, and, many of those brands used have scents that are meant to stay lingering for 30 days!  The hallway needs to be dealt with in the next two days or I am not sure what I am going to do with my daughter this week end.  Seriously?  At this point I made plans to go away to Vancouver asap.  I need to clear my head of this poison, I know some of you know what I am going thru.

I have had a headache since saturday.  My appetite is even worse then it was before this happened, my nose and throat is affected, I have a runny nose and  a crust appears, I use tea tea oil.  My chest is actually tender, I am coughing more.  I have to go to doctor.  Aargh!  All good though!

This is really getting to me now!  I am needing to go in and speak with Christine Culham who called me today asking to hear from me, wanting to hear ideas on how we might proceed, wanting to get together with Janice as well.  I am glad they are taking this seriously.  Well, I have a friend who offered to help next week as my witness.  However, I am thinking after today and the smell seems to be the same; and that there are no plans in place now to clean hallway of smells,I need a new plan.

So far we came up with: the friends who were over are going to call and leave a message for Christine at 250-388-6422 and let her know what their experience was coming over and it might help get the rugs cleaned tomorrow, since that is one thing we know for sure needs to happen, lets see if Soap Exchange can come and help out?   Soap Exchange:

1393A Hillside Ave, 250-475-0033       email:    

It would be nice if CRD purchased me some duct tape, to replace what I’ve used at least,and,  it seems I might need more for the week end?   Oh I hope not.  I do hope they read this in the am and get rugs cleaned one way or another.  They can at least get Soap Exchange products to help kill smell, enzyme’s work!

I also want to make a plan to get together with each of these men and clear those situations of conflict up and it’s best we do so with conflict resolution folks who know what they are doing.  Then it can be smooth and over fairly quick.  I have my daughter coming friday so, I wanted to at least have dates set by friday for the meetings.  

Tomorrow is Thursday.  I need to finalise the date for next week to chat with Christine and Janice which I am sure will help a lot.  Unless of course I get lucky thursday and an advocate comes thru.  Again, no offence but, I’d ask that you have some experience for this one, thanks.

So, I need someone to come with me tomorrow who knows anti oppression and can be witness, note taker and help with memory. Conflict resolution.    Oh man,  I had to go and duct tape the door again as the smell seems to be now coming into living room area/bedroom and it affects my thinking.

My guest’s confirmed how bad the air was in here, one guest was even unable to smell anything after half an hour in my apartment, having been overwhelmed with this horrible gawd awful scent, and you may remember that “Mx. Lysol” dropped even more in front of my door saturday night after I asked them if they were the one who put scented stuff on rugs, after which they got mad and left more powder right at my door with a note this time, the one saying I was an “UGLY FAG”  and the great ending of “FUCK OFF OR DIE”.

Even though I wanted to go to that camper tonight, I have to stay and see how this is going to go, if it does not go good, at least I will know before Friday when I have my daughter.  I got all windows opened and getting ready for bed now, finally!


<UPDATE Dec. 8>

Looks like I am going to have to go and stay at a friends in their camper for next 2 nights.  The smell is just still too strong from the lysol powder stuff that was being put on rugs for who knows how long.  Last night I had to wash floors as the dust came in from under door and was thru my house.  Its why it smelled so strong.

The smell seems to be so bad out in hallway that we need Professional Cleaning to get it out!  I asked Steve Leckie if he can please look into rug cleaning with no chemical scents, you can get that at Soap Exchange.

Please call CRD and leave a message for Steve: 250-360-3380, and ask that they clean the hallway rugs throughout building at 1855 Quadra due to this crisis we are all in regarding our need for breathing clean air.  You can suggest Soap Exchange if you like to.


The Soap Exchange

In the early 1990’s my search for a morally-conscious, non-gender specific, environmentally-sensitive business opportunity led me directly to The Soap Exchange.

Providing a comprehensive collection of products which are 100% biodegradable, re-using bulk and commercial packaging thereby reducing waste, providing quality products while reducing costs to the consumer. . .the choice was obvious, as the people of Victoria have shown.

Thank you, Victoria, for making The Soap Exchange a success, and contributing to a greener, cleaner environment.

– Wes Koch, Owner


<UPDATE>  Dec. 07 2015, time:2024, I called Carol Pickup who used to be on CRD board as well as used to be a Saanich CIty Councilor, she called Janice at CRD. Also, this from Bernard von Schulmann: “Saanich councilor Colin Plant, on the CRD housing board is looking into it. As is victoria city councilor Charlayne Thorton-Joe.”
I remind them all here as well that the flood that just happened a few weeks ago.  Why?  Someone had a small stove top fire and he put it out BUT the sprinkler went off and no one could turn it off for an hour and a half!

The fire department was NOT  able to find the sprinkler shut off,  I am sure that was supposed to be in the fire plan!!! That cost CRD 100,000 plus.

I definitely want CRD to buy me some duct tape!  I am running out!  Third night of taping door, it does help though re: Perfume Chemical Nightmare!


Well, let’s just say CRD social housing needs some help!  I apologise as I am extremely affected by the poison scents around me, this might be a bit mixed up, thanks for your patience.  I also need a scent free couch to sleep on.  DOH!

You all know about how I have a neighbour downstairs who has an issue with anger, now I have a fellow on the floor here who believes he gets to put Lysol type rug cleaner powder in the hallway.  I guess there is a suite whereby it stinks, I guess complaints have been written and NOTHING gets done.  I am like “just let your neighbor know the smell coming out of his suite is bad, does he need help to clean it?” But, here we are, so, anyways,I asked nice once for him to stop, then a reminder that did not go well and he was angry, that was also the time I had to ask that he plase keep the fans on for drying rugs after flood, he was mad about that too. Now,after me asking him yesterday if he was the one who put it out there this time, he said no and looked down cause he could not look me int he eye.  KInd of wild since he has been doing it for months, he did nto stop, all this time I thought I was smelling the perfume of the person in here before me in my entryway, as it turned out, he never stopped after I asked him back in August when I saw him using it and vacuuming it up!?

OI!  So, after he said no, I stated that at least I knew which apartment he was in, he asked why I was saying that, I said that he left me no option but to make a formal complaint to CRD, he told me to fuck off.  I went back to my apartment and duct taped myself in to help with smell.

For some reason the smell was worse within the hour.  I slept with heat off and window wide open to help deal.  When I left I found the smell so bad I had to cover my mouth, barely helped, and, there was fresh powder on rug in front of my door, and this note as well:

I went to InTent City today, I almost fainted once.  I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, not to mention PTSD and IBS.  I was in hospital last year in the fall with pneumonia and I now have less lung as a result.  I need peace of mind and healthy air.  On the one end, I have a balcony with dryer vent stink coming down on me, on the other end a hallway with so much perfume smell I may have to go to hospital.  I already had Janice and Steve, two managers into my apartment, they said they’d fix air vent and seal door.  Not sealed properly that door cause it’s not a straight/balanced door, its crooked so the seal is not working, door will probably have to be replaced!

Its now almost xmas.  I just spoke to Janice at CRD, she said they will get someone in to fix door seal.  She will not put that in writing though.  Mr. Angry man number one (nicknamed shit cowboy by a friend) went and made a noise complaint about me this am, from when I had Elena and Kim over two nights ago.  The same night Mr. Lysol scented up the hall.  The neighbor downstairs left another hate note on door.  I wonder, IF I am making so much noise, why not call cops on me?  Because I am simply not making noise and no one else is complaining as it is not needed.

My guest’s and I watched a movie, cooked dinner, not in that order.  So typical that the aggressive person complains first.  What a nightmare!

I let Janice know that I actually cannot stay here today or from here on in until this gets dealt with.  The door seal has to be done, the window seal has to be done.  They have to deal with a neighbor who’s place I guess smells so bad other neighbors feel the need to poison the air.

Janice is now telling me it’s his word against mine and there is nothing she can do?  Ok, so, I guess I get a hold of Karen W. and ask her to now come and be witness as I go and try and deal with it with her and Ian, maybe?  I need witnesses folks, call me!

I told Janice I was coming down to CRD today, to deal with this and do get her word she will put in order for door and window today.  She said she was not going to put that in writing.  I just got off phone with Carol Pickup, she is going to try and intervene.  She used to be on CRD board, she used to be a Saanich City Councilor.

Keep in mind, I am in a wheelchair suite and I am not in a wheelchair. Here are the photo’s of shit left at my door and the threatening notes:

Threatening note number 2, I found this am:


Here is fresh new powder Mr.Lysol left last night after I taped door shut, which is so bad I almost fainted twice today, I cannot stay in my suite.  I just asked Carol Pickup to help, she is calling Janice at CRD now/this afternoon.  I have to get daughter and go elsewhere to hang out!



Here is the second gift of shit left at my door a couple of weeks back, that was left on November 14th.  No note, but, my daughter was with me, that was awkward and horrible. This is the shit left, and below that a note left on December 6th, after my daughter stayed over, it was taped low on my door.



WHEN IT ALL STARTED: So, when I got back from Montreal (November 4th) at 1234 am, my neighbor pounded on my floor from me walking in and placing luggage on floor, he pounded quite hard with something, it scared me so, I yelled thru floor for him to use his words.  He came to my door and said “If you do not stop making noise I will bring shit to your door.”  I let him know that was a threat “Now you are threatening me?”and, “you better jsut go back to your suite, you might be waking others up.”, he repeated himself and his threat again,  said same thing and ended it this time with: “If you don’t stop making noise in the night I will bring shit to your door, girly boy. Oh yeah, I know your secret.”

Well, as some laugh in stress, I laughed and  said, “It’s no secret that I am transgendered and was born female, but, I am not gay buddy, and, I am about the most out transgendered in town,  I have even written about it on my blog!  NO SECRET.  Totally out.  Please go away.”

PS: I am into women, not that that it matters cause your homophobia is abusive either way and I have male friends who are gay and I want for them and myself to have a safe space.

I wrote a sign and this is what happened to that sign (see below photo). It was ripped up and placed on floor in a nice pile, I took a photo of it after putting it all back together again.

This below photo was the First tub of shit left at my door which I found when Dennis arrived first thing the next am after Downstairs neighbor banged and threatened me the day after I got back from Montreal…

I got together with Janice and Steve the following monday am re: shit and threats and stuff needing fixing.  Window with wind blowing in was mentioned as well.

After his gay bashing threat, I left a sign on my door, someone ripped it up..I placed it back together on floor where it was left, here is photo’s”



Here is the sign I put up after my other sign was ripped up:


CRD, Janice and Steve Leckie asked me to take it down, I have not been able to do so yet, we had a flood and that kept us busy, and mostly I cannot stand the smell out in hall and have not been able to do it for that reason.  I am however not taking it down, Christine reminded me and clarified that Janice and Steve asked me to take it down for my safety. I mentioned that that was my point, I believe we all need to put these signs up and help out with this horrible stigma.  If you are a straight man and you think you are tough, put a “This place is safe for LGBTQ sign up and let’s see how tough you really are?

So, after the other night of smells laid out on rug, this is me in my home, as of now: I have to leave.  I am not sure where I am going to take my daughter today from 330 till 7pm, but, I am sure I will figure it out.

Photo on 2015-12-06 at 12.45 PM #3

I duct taped the door two nights in a row to try and help but, now with this new powder left out, I am having to go.  You got a couch I can sleep on?

I guess I need to get a couple of my friends and go with witnesses to their door’s and try and work this out.  CRD, Janice, said there was nothing she can do…

Jan 8th update: I went with a friend Lindsay Delaronde and spoke with the Mr. Lysol, I offered we can start from scratch, work out the conflict right then and there, he said he’d rather do it thru CRD, I reminded him that I already tried CRD, they jsut suggested I call the police.  After I went and spoke to him, I feel fine and I have let it go.

Now I am calling police on Mr. ANgry Feces leaver guy, now he has got some issues he needs to work on and I am done with him after last night:


I wonder if Carol Pickup phoning her might help?

I guess I got to have a protest/rally?

Update: CRD is still working out the smell of lysol perfume in hall outside my door, they said someone came and replaced pieces of the rug in front of my door.  They have rug cleaned it twice and that has not helped.  I still can smell the gross perfume as can my guest’s.  Oh my gawd.  Now I am working on police report for shitcowboy who needs some help.