Where were you 26 years ago today when you heard about the Montreal Massacre happening live on radio news source CBC?
I’d love for a lot of us to answer that question in writing and we can get the stories up on a web page for next year’s memorial. Until we end war and unnecessary violence and suffering, like legislated poverty which causes great violence to women and children…
So, start writing because I spoke with Marianne Alto today at First Met memorial and she also thinks it’s a great idea.
Start writing folks.
As a radical lesbian feminist, I was in a car working as a courier when I heard the news. I was in shock for hours,. Later that night I would do art with blood red paint on very LARGE roll of paper in my basement and in the middle of the night I painted then brought that paper to a fence that surrounded a construction site 2 blocks away, and I would nail that LARGE ROLL of paper up with nails and a hammer, I would learn that some of my friends were arrested for painting on an underpass, we would all convene and share stories later…
I am going to write that story.
Stop The Violence Now! Only you can.
Photo of largest Women’s Memorial March February 2010, 5 thousand present that day!