I just got to add here: WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SHELTER!

This InTent City is caring for each other with supports, while we wait for housing to be built, this can be a great temporary site.

Where wold you build another temporary bandaid solution?

Shelter is a band aid, this tent city is community building.

This community of homeless are diverse and getting along!  Better than we ever do!

and can use some more community support.  Folks are saying they do not want the Province to waste 400,000 with another poverty pimping venture, whereby folks manage the people who are managing themselves.

CTV NEWS Vancouver Island reported it:


Please check out the CTV news link below and continue to support our homeless families RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE!

They do not need to be swept away, we may need more mini tent city space, but we certainly DO NOT need another RockBay Landing money grab from poverty industry! Which happened!

We NEED HOMES BUILT that people want to live in.

Thank you for supporting InTent City!