IMG_2648I just came from the tent city by the courthouse and spoke with Hugh.

He let me know they named themselves.  I really love the name, seems appropriate:

InTent City.
Folks are really working hard at making it safe, clean, quite, respectful of neighbours and most of all home.

As temporary as it is, its home to many.  Hugh spoke highly of the morning meetings, how they “…pass a talking stick and its real respectful.  We all agreed to have it be quite time at 1000 pm, one hour before the bylaw which is 1100 pm.  They all figured it would help with neighbours concerns.

Hugh was happy to hear my report that the Victoria PD stated in media that there have been no increase in crime in the area since the tent city went up.

I am going to be sharing with him what was shared with me vis a vis this blog site.

Nancy Weisz from Abbotsford got in touch with me and wanted to share their work with us they did as a community.  We are about to start and it cole not have been better timing!

Thank you so much ABBY DIGS for all your hard work, we are definitely going thru it and making it out own.

Seriously BIG THANK YOU’S as we are blessed by your sharing!  I am about to go and pass a copy or two to Hugh for sharing with InTent City!

Victoria’s homeless and housed working together in a broader way thanks to help from city councillors and Mayor Lisa Helps!

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