Fairly good coverage here of the tent city, Katherine who is in interview was in our film Taking The Fall and Rising:   https://vimeo.com/66911895

I found the camera trying to find a garbage pile or a mess and they were kind of hard pressed for that people’s stuff  was well contained.  Worth a  watch though, you will also see an older woman who thinks it ought to be somewhere else, she obviously does not realise there really is NO OTHER SPOT and she might find it in her heart to have some compassion.  If folks are doing shit by her spot, then call the police if you have to, for now, jsut do’t look that way if it offends you right?  It was wild to see the Topaz park fiasco on film, I was sick and ws unable to attend, shame on the Topaz park residents who rallied against their own homeless family here in Victoria.

Here is article and CTV news report:


Was great to go back to Mini Tent city today.  Thank you to folks who brought tents!  They really appreciated it, here is one photo of a happy man, him and his female friend have a nice spot now.

Warms my heart.


I was asked to request four more tents, the couple got a single tent and its too small, and coincidently, a young man needs a small tent so, they can switch if they can get a two person tent to the couple.  The couple are in back of area and left.  The young man is left and front area.

Here they are the couple pictured from yesterday:


Another couple are in a harder place even with no tent today, they can use poly plastic heavy duty ground plastic sheets, and a two person tent.  They are on far left and back by courthouse just before the back wall of folks.

Many folks asked for socks socks socks.  Real big need down there, wool of course.

The person peeking their hand out of tent is giving the peace sign, she needs a tent badly as well, she is in a plastic kind of situation with no tent and lots of holes…

I was moved by the scene, quite, I even filmed a bit it was so nice.  I appreciated this sign.  If we end war we can have peace.  Wouldn’t it be nice for us all to have some peace now?

I think its time.  Lets work on that, lets be grateful folks can be close together and not be alone here in this tent city.  I hear folks saying “can we not do better?”

Well, yes we can but we do not.  So, lets support these folks and see the strength in them for doing this.  They are having to work thru differences and they are doing it.

Out reach was there when I was there and it was good to see them, great to see Shane whom I often never see anymore.

Please don’t let media affect you in a negative way on this mini tent city.

Join out Anti Poverty Action Group and help make a difference for housing, we are an action group off of the Committee To End Homelessness Victoria.

Here is a link to our poster:


So, 4 tents and as many wool socks as folks can bring.

Bless you all for your support!  I am grateful the Sheriffs are NOT wanting them to leave since they seem to be the renter and the decision maker?  May their hearts stay open.  You all can thank them for not attacking the people.

kym hothead