I met Alison Acker down at the mini tent city by the court house this afternoon.  She brought some food and inquiries as to how folks were doing.  She thought it looked pretty decent down there, a nice vibe was felt.


I met with Robert, he and I spoke of how Lisa Helps has offered to help house folks and how some need it more than others.  He was willing to allow those who need it more to get it faster, he wa a very caring man.

Very thoughtful.  I spoke with him and he agreed that he has also met those who just might now want it based upon their own personal issues or experiences of abuse in past while being housed.  The film Taking The Fall and Rising speaks to this in regards to the First Nations woman Lorraine who was abused in homes and went homeless for safety.  We do not know their stories and its best we go down and hear them out folks.  Robert asked after Derek Booker, I was able to share how him and I had jsut messaged each other on facebook.  He sends a big hello to Derek and says ‘Come and say hey.”.  If you do go, and you enter it off Quadra mid block opening, Robert is at other end right side almost 3/4 way thru!

Robert is someone who understands old school, watching out for each others backs, knows we can have diversity in housing and that alternatives such as mini tent cities and micro housing villages (Victoria is currently co-creating this village with homeless and lived experience of homelessness as well as housed, we are in stages of developing trust with one another as many of us are new to each other and, many of us have differing values and beliefs.  We move forward such as these folks are here.

Robert needs a tent, badly. I think maybe some ground sheet and a rain covering sheet as well ( the one in photo has a lot of holes, he is currently using a make shift tent out of ground sheets, a roll on ground, I think it would be great to bring folks good size sheets of cardboard and go back the next day and see if they need replenishing).



Then I went for a walk about in the camp and I met Kristal.  She wants a home!  Her stuff is in storage and I think there are concerns about that, her life is boxed up and hanging in limbo, heart wrenching.  She is a very strong person and old school is also her way.  I think I met another kindred spirit!  She needs a tent, ground sheet’s and a mat to sleep on, she can use an air mattress (her request as another woman has one and she said it was very comfortable and way warmer, maybe the air helps with that?) or GOOD STOCK of FLATTENED cardboard and plastic sheets for under that, she can use some compassion right now.



I went further and some folks called out for socks.  I met this fellow and saw he needed a tent as well, sadly I forgot his name but, him and his wife need a tent.



Then I met this younger fellow I also liked a lot, we talked music and I said I might come by with a friend on friday and bring guitars, it will have to be before 2:00pm.  Just saying.  He too needed a tent. He did not want to show his face so, in solidarity I placed my hand on his shoulder and said I’d put this out for him.



Lastly, this couple requested socks, sleeping bag and ground sheets.



Thank you community for helping out, you asked, here is the list for right now:

5 sleeping bags.

8 plastic sheets to serve as rain protection and ground sheets

12 pairs of wool socks and sweaters (at least).

Air mattress / matts for ground with and a few ground sheets.

LOTS of flattened clean cardboard which is a great insulator.