The alarm bells went off last night at 1855 Quadra Ave, it was about 8pm.  It took me a bit to get dressed, check outside on balcony, smelling for smoke, no smoke smell in hallway, got fully dressed I went out to see what as up.

It turns out a neighbour’s door at the other end of the building form me had water pouring out from under their door!  I tried knocking to see if anyone was in the apartment.  I went down one flight of stairs and saw water coming from roof.  I went outside and found out that the people were out of that apartment

t and that one of their neighbours had their child in their arms to help calm them.  The parent was cooking and had a stovetop fire with some oil.  They got the fire out after some small 1st degree burns on one hand, unfortunately the sprinklers went off and, well, there was no way of stoping that.


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We were flooding.  We waited for the fire department, when they came they needed help to get into building, and, I had to help them into parking lot as they were trying to find the box which helps them to shut off sprinklers.  That was intense to say the least.  I am not sure why the fire department did not seem to know how to access that.  It took longer than needed.

In the meantime, after I let them in basement and I realised this was taking too long, I went back up and spoke with tenants who were watching the water levels rise., letting them know fire department were on it and lets find pails to help out, others called CRD to get more help as well. Good team work!

Here are some photo’s from this am, when I went to bed last night they were still vacuuming up water, the lower level was still dripping, it seemed to be leaking all thru the building thru the sprinkler system.

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I have to add: I had 2 CRD managers come over due to my bringing up concerns about feces (human excrement) being left around the building for what seems like a few years, my door not sealed and the hallways being cold as heck.  In that meeting with CRD this past Monday Nov. 16th, I requested that CRD please insure the heat is turned on in the building.   Tenants stated the heat was not turned on last winter and the hallways were cold.  My door is not sealed so, I am not about to pay to heat the hallway on my dime.  I was told the heat was turned on last Monday.

I was also told not expect that this heat from building will heat my apartment, I thought that was kind of patronizing, but anyways, since the heat was turned on it is still cold in my hallway up on 4th floor, feels like an air conditioner is on, not the heat!  

I hope we get some heat in our hallway soon and my door frame is sealed as they said it would be sooner than later, or I AM PAYING TO HEAT THE HALLWAY as I said I did not want to do.

I also know that heating the building is critical to help keeping mould including black mould and mildews away.

I am currently needing to sit down and create a handout for this building, the managers helped me understand how it works here re: the process needed to get stuff done.

If you want to help me collate information for the first handout that the Anti Poverty Action Group does for my building, it would be grat if we can plan to have that meeting here next couple of days.

I already got one offer!  Thanks eko.

kym hothead hines