Food for thought:

Institutionalization is an experience we need to spend a bit more time talking about and ending…, I remember hearing about it many years ago from radical feminist’s who worked front lines, and it rang true, it spoke of folks becoming used to charity and hand outs.

InstitutionalizationTo place (a person) in the care of an institution.

1. institutionalisedofficially placed in or committed to a specialized institution; “had hopes of rehabilitating the institutionalized juvenile delinquents”

If one is placed in care over and over it can happen that they become institutionalized.

Some are in a vicious cycle of detox, streets, detox then treatment, then half way house, then sometimes supportive housing and back to streets, sometimes jail, sometimes in and out for years.  Often housing is in between these bouts of re-institutionalization.

This comes out of Poverty Industry, and I believe we as people who have to work under such an oppressive system need to be more active in making significant changes in terms of How We Empower Each Other to affect change in our community’s.

Rather than this ongoing “I am going to help you get with my program, whether its a “anarchist/activist/social justice/NDP/feminist/church/ coalition/or what ever teachings or program I am on..,”  the wagging finger peeps can take their judgement’s elsewhere.  

Calvinistic attitudes and work ethics need NOT be involved in community anymore.

Then there are those who constantly want to put others on a pedestal, far too many allow it, I just want folks to acknowledge equity, that it exist’s between us, that we work for everyone’s empowerment, of empowering community, all of us leading and sharing, including economic equity…

Stop with the martyr syndrome…


stop projecting it or accepting it, lovingly just keep stating over and over if need be :

“this is not simply about me, its about us all…”

Eventually empowerment will come to community, not before we all rise up against this sickness we must fight within ourselves, the false injured abused ego.