It’s great to feel like ONE IS ON FIRE, moving ahead thru pain, learning new things even when you are wanting for JUSTICE JUSTICE JUSTICE: Acutely Aware of global and local inequity and fighting for EQUITY EQUITY EQUITY, sharing thru oppression , gleaning from each other (networking), feeling like NOTHING CAN STOP COMMUNITY FROM EQUITY AND HEALTH, that we can all move ahead and unify for the sake of a future on this earth…

…But for all the unlearning of oppression we need, this is the great task, that we all grow.
We need help though. I beg for more folks with Anti Oppression education to step UP and get to front line anti poverty meetings and HELP US OUT cause we need it.

It’ s all great to “be on fire” for justice, just got to watch out cause there is a good chance you’ll get your ass burned.

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