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I accidentally came upon this press release for LNG at the Legislature April 29th. I am sure Albert Gerow was on thsoe stairs, maybe even Phil Fontaine?

Sell outs for Oil and Gas, sad shame since that industry is dead and dying and on its way out. Its a new day of alternative living and healthy life, these folks are the ones we are still educating and waking up!
I saw suits and loads of people on stairs including youth of colour, I know they hand picked this group, I felt for them all, so I went and turned on camera, here is what I saw and heard.

TradeRoute Mobile Training Unit! (Mobile LIARS courtesy LNG , government etc!)
This disgusted me, it was, to me, a big LNG Government “love in” full of lies! Folks do NOT look proud but rather embarrassed. That is a good sign friends.
They are reaching out to our youth telling them this is the future, Fracking and Oil pipelines, Mountaintop Removal Mining, Trade schools will get money for THAT? They are saying you have to sell out to your own people like Albert Gerow and Phil Fontaine did, oh no no no!
Thank goodness Atleo resigned, we need a NEW leadership based upon our older ways. Our youth and elders lead! We must support them to do so!

So, someone suggested “think of the Fight Club”, (minus the bombs for me) and think of Sandinista’s and how they were a defence of people and land and life.
Do not shit on relatives that are working in gas and oil, but be honest with them and hold accountable with unity in mind, so that when that day comes, and it will, they will be able to think about this. Think for future of seven generations. We have got to start somewhere.

Not that we go fist to cuffs but, get “Warrior” and find out about OUR warrior culture before colonialism came and kicked its ass, like Scottish Games, they were WAR TACTICS and tools of defence etc…turned to passive games and, well, you know right? We lose some of our culture thru direct attack by Colonialism, the roots before colonialism are important to re form anew. We are growing. We can adapt and we DON”T GIVE UP!
DO NOT BE SUCKED INTO TradeRoute Mobile LIARS courtesy LNG and Governmental Greed!
They are also dangling carrots to nurses, they say money is going to tech nursing, you just know its gonna be minimal; as compared to New Tech Skkkools for Fracking? Sadly true!
LNG BIG OIL AND GAS AND MINING BS will get most of this money in the end and you get promise of student loan relief.
Carrots dangling that rot on rope meant to hang us all.
DO NOT believe the lies, think, even if you are already there and working, I know folks, love them and I have shared the story of Fight Club (minus bombs and blood for me) and Sandinista, when the day comes you will know it cause the police will be dragging away your families, neighbours and warriors as they have done of late, honourable men, women and children attacked by thugs for LNG!
I yelled out at the top of my lungs “Our youth are suiciding and ll you offer is this? LNG DEATH? SHAME! DREAM DREAM DREAM!
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