I am relieved by a great sense of resistance in the air, it’s like electricity…

Off to the bottle depot.

It’s been a long month as I just moved into social housing due to the only way a person pretty much gets social housing for 20 years now; someone has to die.

Sadly a woman with a disability who was in a wheelchair whom I am supposed to have known passed away in hospital who lived in this very apartment.  May she rest in peace.

I moved in, it was a lot of extra costs like how I had to go out and buy 2 new air filters that totalled 600.00 dollars due to a dryer vent that comes on my balcony, bedroom window and hallway just outside door that is not properly sealed.  I finally got my taxes done after all these years and had to spend it on that, grateful for the timing of getting that tax rebate cheque and frustrating to have to out of pocket the expense, I was in a crisis and had to get it the day I moved in.

Whew, that was a mouthful…

I had great times this month celebrating my daughters birthday. We went to the PNE with her and another family we call family.  Stayed with family as well, although, we sure missed Emma, Scott and Solomon as they were away and, we also missed Nanna Romanow and, it’s good she stayed home and missed the down pour as her building lost power in Maple Ridge and if she had a come, she would have had to sleep in her van!
Anyways, reminder that I collect bottles and that now I have to collect and go to depot on same day. No space for collectables in me new social housing.
NOTE! As I have been saying for years in criticism of governments is this, elders and disabled folks have to wait for someone to die in order to get social housing and, that housing is often falling apart.  That is why there is no social housing for working poor.

Let’s all fight for Social Housing and a Basic Income, you never know when it’s going to be you who needs it.  Let’s all help educate each other as poor people, and, t
he greater community can help advocate and educate regarding all of our rights around tenancy and police.  We need a brighter future and I can feel it today.

Take care and respect.  I want for you all to be able to have a good day.

Photo on 2015-09-06 at 12.12 PM