Le Camp se termine, la lutte pour le droit au logement se poursuit!

I am posting this as it may just be close to a future for us regarding where we create Mini Tent Cities as well as out Micro Housing Village.  In the end, people will have to pick a spot and fight for it, our fall is coming soon so, City of Victoria is going to have to accept that we will have Mini Tent Cities as well as our Micro Housing Village going up soon!

There is only so much time for process, the time for actions are around corner for Montreal and Victoria…

Montreal, May 24, 2015 – After moving three times on public land of downtown Montreal and being ousted each time by the police department of the City of Montreal (SPVM), FRAPRU ended the Camp for law, initiated on May 21, to housing, in a closed meeting after which the campers have left to remember a symbolic tent with their messages for the right to housing. FRAPRU, which organized the camp, draws a very positive, considering it as a highlight of the struggle for the future of social housing in Quebec. The FRAPRU coordinator François Saillant explains: “The Camp has succeeded in attracting public attention to the problems of housing and neglect of governments, with an intensity that had not seen since the housing crisis of early 2000s. ”

FRAPRU also welcomed the unprecedented support obtained by the Camp.Forty public figures took part in his favor putting more hands-on, including actor and director Alexis Martin, the writer François Avard, actor Gilles Renaud, singer Judy Richards, the essayist and Normand Baillargeon columnist, filmmakers Philippe Falardeau and Eve Lamont, comedian Christian Vanasse, philosophers and Christian Nadeau Michel Seymour, the actress Sylvie Legault and Marie Michaud, and the rapper Webster. The camp was also supported by thirty major Quebec organizations including the unions CSN, FTQ and CSQ, independent trade unions, national community organizations, groups of doctors, etc. Twenty international networks and European organizations, African and North American fight for the right to habitat have also expressed their solidarity.

The attitude of governments

FRAPRU considers that the only negative is the attitude demonstrated by the three levels of government. François Saillant takes offense: “It’s only because he was heckled by the media after his speech to the Union of Quebec Municipalities that Stephen Harper’s Quebec lieutenant, Denis Lebel took action on the concerns carried by the Camp and was to peddle falsehoods about the consequences of the end of federal subsidies for 125,000 social housing in Quebec, with 5200 in 2015. As for the Quebec government to Philippe Couillard, he finds refuge in a silence Overall, not even having the courage to defend the decision of its last budget to halve funding for new social housing. ”

As for the municipal administration of Mayor Denis Coderre, Mr. Saillant judge harshly intransigence: “We could have hoped for more understanding on the part of an administration which was concerned about the problems of housing and homelessness and supports the social housing. Instead of adding his voice to ours as it should have done, he preferred to have to call the police intervention. “In this regard, FRAPRU is extremely concerned by the attitude of the SPVM: “Obviously, freedom of expression and demonstration does not exist when an organization is dissent and outside the box.” The organization, which has repeatedly denounced the anti-demonstration laws applied in Quebec and Montreal in particular, out of Camp strengthened this conviction. In the past, FRAPRU was never itself the object of applying the regulation. This is now done a dozen campers and campers who received tickets from the OPMC, May 22Three people are also the subject of criminal charges, following their arrest on 21.

A struggle that continues

FRAPRU salute the courage shown by the hundreds of people who attended the Camp. It considers that their determination bodes well for the continuation of the struggle for the right to housing. The organization will focus on the strategy during the next year at its Congress to be held in Quebec City from June 12 to 14

However, significant moments can already be identified, including federal elections next autumn. The Conservative government, which, despite its new budget surpluses, refusing to extend subsidies for existing social housing and pay more than crumbs to finance new homes, will pay the price Opposition parties not to take ‘clear commitments about the future of social housing could also be targeted. That could be the case of the Liberal Party of Canada if the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, does not come out of its present silence.

Program review that engages the Couillard government will also be monitored closely by FRAPRU. In late June, the Quebec Housing Corporation must indeed submit a report to the President of the Treasury Board, Martin Coiteux which could impose new cuts to social housing interventions.

On leaving the camp for the right to housing, FRAPRU guard more than ever the focus on its big claims or the funding of 50,000 new social housing units in five years and maintain federal subsidies to those that already exist.