Mayor Lisa Helps open door.  I appreciate how she shares information by not doing a closed door with each person, she is practicing democracy and it helps us all to know what is going on for other citizens.  What we may learn right off is how many folks actually do care and have great ideas, which, all to often are not able to move forward.

Here is a photo of Lisa at that first session CTEHV members went to whereby we had a female homeless vehicle dweller share at this meeting. I highly recommend you go to them just to experience democracy within a anti oppression model.  Lisa is good at ensuring all are heard no matter what opinion’s exist in the room.


Thanks for that Lisa, I hope all future Mayors do the same!  So, for me, I went to do follow up re: Homeless Vehicle Dwellers:

It was suggested by Lisa Helps that the Centennial Square parking lot be used as their is security and bathrooms.

We also asked for a parking sticker for their vehicles, so that homeless vehicle dwellers can go to services etc and not worry about paying for parking meters or worry about parking overnight on a city street or getting towed.

We will be hearing from City of Victoria July and August re: this issue.

I am pleased City staff are working on it currently, thank you!

Kym Hothead


PS:  Like Micro Housing and Mini Tent Cities, these ideas like parking stickers for homeless vehicle dwellers are good Harm Reduction ideas, and, since these are changing times, I feel the need to back this stuff up with Rallies, Protest, and Hitting the Streets to Educate about Social Housing, go to:

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