Well, just got back from lung specialist Dr. Heather Clarke extraordinaire and have some good news:

The pneumonia is cleared!  I’ve also been using pleurisy root since I heard I had a hole as a result of blood not getting thru pneumonia and a part of my lower lung went necro; the hole is gone!  Thanks to my friend Ivonna Rumble for that one!

I was however given a strict set of guidelines till end of August:

REST REST REST!  Back in the day it took a year to heal from this, nowadays we think as soon as it’s cleared, we can go back to same old same old.

I have to go to the dentist and get the tooth pulled which was infected badly last year summer, the one which caused the lung infection as it dripped down into my lung while I slept, I was unaware I had walking pneumonia for, what she feels was possibly 8 months before diagnosis!  Thus the two week hospital.  I am grateful for the nurses of Ward 8 North, you folks really were all wonderful, helped me a lot.  Nurses can use our support as well, as administrators are traitors to health care at this time, in BC anyways, folks, we got some protesting work to do if we really want health care!

She repeated REST REST REST and take care of the teeth.  She even called my general practitioner to insure I get in and get that bad one pulled asap.  Turns out, I got a hold of Cool Aid just an hour ago, the woman who answered heard my story and got me in this Thursday! DOH!  Anybody want to drive me?  I got to be there 0940 am, I don’t think I should drive or ride my bike, as I believe it’s gonna be gross and make me head light!


I still have thrush / yeast and, it’s going to take a few more months for that to completely heal, I have been impatient iwth that one and am grateful for the folks who are helping me purchase Kefir drinks for daily use and continue to help me with my needs to continue to double the acidophilus as well!  I am happy to announce I still no longer smoke tobacco thanks to the Quit Now program!

I cannot travel until September as far as flying etc.., thank goodness since I was most honored to be asked to speak at a conference in Toronto.

On behalf of Raising the Roof, I was asked to come and speak about my early homeless experience for the Child & Family Homelessness Stakeholder Summit being held in Toronto on September 17, 2015. At the summit, they will be discussing and disseminating the preliminary findings of their Child & Family Homelessness Initiative.

I am keen to hear about their findings, and, not to give away my short talk but, I hope that, what I share about how Social Housing, a Guaranteed Livable Income and decriminalisation of illicit drugs could have saved my mom and siblings a lot of trauma, that it may help influence others to help fight for them as well.  A new LEAC friend, Lived Experience Advisory Council, she asked I bring up how parents who are homeless are kept from their children and that is not right.  I will not only advocate on behalf of her and other parents, I encouraged her to go ahead on an art project which I think is critical and powerful, I’ll let her tell you that story.

May this blog find you all in good health, if not, may you have the strength to get thru your health crisis, never give up, never give in!  Reach out, others can help!