I am a visitor under duress within Lkwungen WSANEC territories.

{FYI: I have had a file with BC Housing for 10 years.  I have gone to other housing site offices and got signed up and have to go regularly to update file, I am once again doing that now, one needs to do so every 4 months average.  Think of that for ten years.  NO social housing has been built, anything significant, for well over 20 years.  The feds off loaded to provinces and BC has done almost NONE!  Anything that has been built is never enuff, we are dealing with a system that legislates poverty, we have work to do and move forward.}

Our current landlord needs to have family move in.  We got evicted and have till the end of August, I hope to get a one bedroom for daughter and I. Since I only have her 40% of the time, I am punished and get no government assistance, BUT, I may get a one bedroom from Pacifica Housing.  I am not eligible for their family units as the govt does not support parents who have child 49% or less.

“Crack faller” as I said in previous blog post.

This home on wheels also just moved into our front yard parking lot:


Its kind of what I am looking for, so, its good to know two elder folks bought such a beauty in 2010, went on one trip and sold it to my landlord for a mere 41. thousand.

I guess there is hope for me and daughter yet.


Seriously, I am sure there are others who did the same, want to sell and would allow me to pay them monthly payments which I would sign a binding contract to pay them till it was paid off.  I must come up with such ideas, no one else can do this, I need to put myself out there and this is a possibility.

I already went to BC Housing and updated my file, nothing is coming up, someone has to die.  That is a sad reality.

I went to both Pacifica Housing offices, one office was closed, that was the Outreach Office on Cormorant.  I had to explain to staff in family office why I am only eligible for a single room as a single parent.   Bachelors are not good now that my daughter is 11 and is big enough to need her own room.  I am fine with her having the bedroom and me make my bedroom out of living room.  I have lived that way before and it would be grand.

I also bought a lotto ticket, sorry if I repeat myself, I have a glitch in wordpress?

In the window of Cormorant Outreach Office was the Fentanyl warning, we sure are ready for that Safe Consumption Site, check out this very important, top and bottom photo’s:





IMG_2308 IMG_2310

I do know I am taking care of my ill health and that means I decided No More Meetings. I trust others to move ahead and I will keep being me so, no worries there.  I’ll be representing for Social Housing to be built at 30% of income, and along the theme of Harm Reduction; Micro-Housing and Mini Tent cities to help ease the horrible suffering of the well over 160,000 thousand in need of social housing in BC alone.

We are ready for change and unity in Lkwungen WSANEC territories aka Victoria, Esquimalt, Oak Bay, Vic West, Saanich etc….

kym a. hines aka: hothead