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Micro-Housing Community Development…

…a possible solution to homelessness in the City of Victoria.

Public Presentation:

May 11th, 7:30pm, City Hall Antechamber
(Everyone welcome!)


May 12th, City Hall, 11am- 12:30pm
(For City staff, developers, builders, Council members, housing providers, unhoused and allies.)

Join Mark Lakeman (world- renowned sustainable cities architect, Dignity Village, City Repair) and Andrew Heben, social planner/builder OpportUNITY Village, Eugene, Oregon: for 2 days of events opening up a local conversation about ‘best practises’ in affordable housing design in the Pacific Northwest and micro-housing community development as one possible answer to the problem of chronic homelessness and proven alternative to conventional approaches to social housing.

Mark and Andrew have years of working directly in solidarity with homeless communities to create successful low-cost/impact, democratically-managed, clean and sober, peer support villages, typically built on public land in collaboration between the housed and the unhoused.

Cosponsored by CTEHV, VIPIRG and City of Victoria.