SHAME on the HMCS Discovery:

Officers 1964 to 1980 were sexually assaulting cadets in a organised manner right under the nose’s of their families on FAMILY DAYS! Like the Family Days here every year at our naval ports!  Do not be fooled, be security culture aware!  This ship should have been put OUT of commission, its shameful and a stain on us all!  I am not saying all navy ships do this, and yet, how can we know and be sure they don’t?

Personal note: My cousin Paul Pereux was not an officer, but, he worked on that ship during some of those years cooking and as the captains personal chef.  He even helped serve “high up royalty” once on that ship.  I remember him telling my mom the story.  SO, this hits home to me.

“Attorney General of Canada
April 10 2006
Thirty-five former Navy League cadets filed a class action lawsuit against former officers alleging physical abuse. While aboard the HMCS Discovery from 1964 to 1980, the cadets, then only 12 to 17 years old, were allegedly assaulted and abused by male officers. The boys were members of the Navy League, an organization that teaches young Canadians about naval traditions and the exciting technological opportunities of the future. The B.C. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the cadets and awarded them an $8 million settlement. An additional $1.8 million is available for other victims who might come forward within 45 days of the approval. (Apr-07-06) [CTV NEWS]”

Officers of the HMCS Discovery Sexually assaulted cadets over many years during Family Days! SICK GROSS REALITY!. SHAME!  Deal.  Please.  We have to.

I was never a cadet nor was ever involved with any aspect of this abuse, I had enough to deal with, my plate was full.  As a survivor of child sexual abuse’s, I know what its like to heal over a lifetime.  Abuse takes a lot from us and much healing must occur.  I m grateful for years of healing with feminist based healers who empowerd me to keep risking intimacy.  FOr that I am forever in feminist’s debt and will rage against this Hierarchical Systemic machine till I breathe my last breath.…/lloyd-dis…