My roommate brought home some extra sub sandwiches from their work, I went out and brought it to my street family of past and present “illicit drug users” and “extreme drinkers”.  It was so great to see folks whom I had not seen nor had time to chat with, one male in particular I seek out due to family bonds.  He is Tony, Silly’s brother.  I was really being hard on myself for not being able to rememebr his name, really bugs me, my lack of memory.

It was him I saw first when I went out, we said hello’s and got caught up fast as they were kind of distracted by a lot of police activity, love all around and home I went, feeling a wee bit strange about not being able to remember his name.  I went out two nights ago as my roommate brought home more sub sandwiches, I went back, soon as I saw him I went and pulled over, got out with bag and he yells “Its subway man!”  Made me smile big time, he walked over and met me, I said “I am so sorry but, my “fcked” memory is worse off than ever with me healing from pneumonia, he says with a Big Smile, “Toe, points to toe, Knee, point to knee..” he does this four times and we both laugh and I says “I am never gonna forget it now my friend!”


Here is a photo of his sister Silly, may she rest in Peace…


I thought of them both a lot when I was a t a recent convergence at Kwantlen University November 28th.

It was entitled Community Response To Criminalization and Police Targeting of the Poor.

What we did, and the we was mostly made up of past and present illicit drug users and our ally’s.  What an amasing feelign of empowerment and IA want to share that with my brother.  He would LOVE it at one of these days.  We had total support by being driven nby bus from Viktoria to Kwatlen University!  Objectives were met:

*Expose what’s actually happening on the ground from thje perspective of people who are most impacted.

*Share local picture to build a big picture of changes taking place in policing.

*Share local strategies that work.

*Begin towards a provincial network and and a national campaign.

The BCYADWS had their Annual General Meeting after and that was a great experience, although, I was in and out as I had to make more copies of our Victoria Leaflet regarding Police presence in Agency’s as well as a need for police to hjand out receipts when they engage with our homeless, illicit drug family and our poor family members.  CTEHV has bottom lined this project and we are proud of the academic support we have gotten form day one from Rene, Rebecca and Susan!  Susan was even able to come with me to event!  I was so happy about that, I cannot express.

We had amasing speakers such as Tracey from WAHRS who acknowledged territory.

Aiyas who did an amasing job to insure all voices were heard and we were even on time!

Will Damon, Jenn Allan, Kabir-Vijayan and Rob Wipond gave a lot to educating us and bringing us closer together in a shared sense of unity much needed.

The desperation in each region became clear as well as the need for us to lead in unity so that we may survive with dignity.


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