I really wanted to support a local friend/ally and her initiative, which I believe is well worth supporting!   I know some folks need help this time of year so, here’s the best around!  A big reason I support this is shared at bottom of post.


We Love Dirty Kitchens !

We love dirty kitchens!

Call 250-532-6858! (don’t forget our discounted service for Elders, First Responders and anybody suffering in a health crisis)

We’ll clean your dishes and take care of any messes.
We will scrub the pots and pans ’till they sparkle and shine.
We will vacuum and mop your floors, do your laundry, fold,
iron, dust, tidy, organize and more. Whatever it is that you
need or want done to make your home clean and tidy
We will be here for you.

We are reliable, responsible and discreet.

Most Importantly… We can be there fast!
(usually within 48 hours of your call.)

Need a cleaning team more quickly than that?
Our main competitors usually want at least two weeks’ advance notice. We don’t.
We’re ready to go to work for you almost right away!

You don’t have to have a long term contract with us.

Our main competitors usually want a long-term contract and won’t just come out and clean your house one time when you really need it. We will and are happy to do it too!

Sometimes people just get behind in the housework and need a little help to catch up. We understand and we want to help.

Are you working long hours every week? It’s hard to manage a full time job and manage to get all the housework done all the time… We know it!

Isn’t your time off a valuable commodity that would be best spent doing things you enjoy, rather than scrubbing toilets, scouring pots and pans or chasing dust bunnies under the bed? Why not give yourself a treat? Get us to handle the housework so you can relax and enjoy your down-time doing more enjoyable things!

We are fast, reliable, responsible, discrete and friendly.

Phone Meaghan or Charles at “We love dirty kitchens” for more info at 250-532-6858. www.welovedirtykitchens.blogspot.com

It’s okay to call in the evenings (even late) and on weekends. We’ll get back to you ASAP if you leave a message. Still on the fence? Call for a quote — or to ask about references which are available upon request.

email: tiddlypum@gmail.com
Our Local Victoria Business Wants To Work For You – Give us a call 24/7! We’re the new kids on the block (since 2009 now) and we can’t wait to clean your home.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Need Help in A Hurry But You’re on a Fixed Income?

Since We Love Dirty Kitchens have been working with the Vancouver Island Health Authority to assist their clients in “terminal clean” situations, we’ve become aware of the need for some clients to get access to our help but who do not always have enough money to pay for a thorough and complete cleaning. We can help. If you are trying to cope with any kind of health issue and are living on a fixed income, we know that even $100 for us to come and clean for a few hours might be hard to manage. We are willing, for certain clients who are in special circumstances to book a cleaning job with us and to pay for it in instalments. Speak to Meaghan and ask about this offer. We would require a $30.00 deposit, and some post-dated cheques for the balance. We would only charge 1.2% interest per month as we collect payments until the amount is fully paid off. If this sounds like an option you would like to try, please feel free to give us a call to see if we can make the arrangements. We are also available to set up a similar kind of arrangement for clients who are in need of some extreme-cleaning solutions.

Post from facebook about the energy behind this:

“I really appreciate the concern people have expressed about our situation… It feels good to get kind offers of help and expressions of solidarity at this time. We have decided that we will resolve this issue without accepting financial help from friends… it just does not feel right to me if we can do this without help from others that’s what I will strive to do… If people are still inclined and would like to help… and be supportive… please consider contributing to the Indiegogo campaign for the language classes that we are still wanting to do in the new year.

I will take care of making sure we keep a roof over our heads and good food in our tummies… but I can’t keep doing the language classes on my own dime.. and even with the meagre funds raised by selling various things… like hummingbirds and cedar bracelets… I still have gone into debt to do those classes…covering expenses related to those classes… and I the money we have raised has been set aside specifically and only FOR those classes. I should have tried to do the fundraising 2 years ago… I wish I had. It’s one of the areas where I have “lived large” on credit card debt… But for people know know me — you know I don’t live large at all… I don’t go on trips, vacations, out to movies or even out to dinner. I’m not complaining… I just want people to know that even though this crisis has been created by credit-card spending.. it was not created by living large. The biggest luxury I had was doing the language classes. But I don’t feel like I can keep doing that anymore… I need to focus entirely on paying the bills and paying off my debts.

It’s been a rough few days — filled with a lot of really quite painful reckonings…

Those Hul’quminum classes are a big part of my inspiration to keep on keeping on. I am the kind of person that does not feel completely at ease unless I am working on something to try and make the world a better place. 3 years ago when Willie and I first started working together I realized what an amazing opportunity I was being given by being privileged to coordinate and facilitate his dream of one day building his Snuwuwyl Lelum… Thus far, we’ve only managed to do 13 language classes… but those are about 30 hours of language lessons that would not have happened otherwise. I’m proud of the work we have done on that… and when I am feeling at my worst… my most hopeless and helpless.. it makes me feel inspired to keep going on and keep plugging away at my housecleaning work — knowing I am part of that shared vision with him and his efforts at trying to share the Coast Salish Hul’qumi’num culture to as wide an audience as possible. It is very hard to get down and feel despondent when I know I have a responsibility to keep carrying on with this work.”