I want to thank all my relations, especially Richard Pereux for helping me get this done, I apologise to the elder Sut-Lut for taking so long. I am a visitor from Red River Cree Territory, I am settler Acadian Bourque and Metis Gladue residing within Lkwungen Territory.

Here is the link to her earlier video which explains why she came up to Burnaby Mountain from Nov.17th 2014:

Here is a link to my video interview with her:

I filmed this Up On The Mountain, I urge you to heed this elders powerful message. in solidarity with all land defenders! Her words written:

“My name is Sut-Lut, I am an elder from the Squamish Nation. I am here making a stand on this mountain for all First Nations; Please stand united with me to stand up for our way of life. Our way of life is being threatened here by this black snake the oil. So I am asking you to stand united, all grandma’s and grandpa’s, all elders, all younger youth and University’s, please come make a stand. And stand united against this thing, the Black Oil Snake. We need to squash the head; United we stand, divided we all fall. This is not a first nations issue, its not a Burnaby resident problem, it’s a human problem. We only have one earth and unless this Harper Government is hiding away another healthy earth, we need to take care of the one that we’ve got right here right now. So, I am sending the smoke signal out there to all of my relations. Please come stand united. kw’as ho:y; Thank you. ” Untitled