Let’s come out and show our solidarity and support this week!!

Today is Tsarlip Nations, go to Sierra CLub to see easy to read list of week!  NEB kept changing it last minute of nations!

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What: National Energy Board (NEB) hearings are happening all week in Victoria starting Monday, November 24th and going until Friday, November 28th.  The NEB is sponsored by big oil and we need to show our resistance to what is happening with the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project. Vancouver Island First Nations groups are presenting their case against Kinder Morgan’s pipeline at these hearings by providing oral Aboriginal traditional evidence, and we should be there for them.

Where: Victoria Conference Centre- 720 Douglas St (Near the Museum)

When: Every morning this week at 8:30 am, right before their 9 am meeting starts


  1. Show resistance and opposition to Kinder Morgan’s pipeline and the increase of super tanker traffic on the Salish Sea.
  2. Show solidarity with Burnaby Mountain Defenders.

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