Nov. 24 2014 Day 2
I want to re add what disapeared and put it top page, its critical:

“My name is Sut-Lut, I am an elder from the Squamish Nation. I am here making a stand on this mountain for all First Nations; Please stand united with me to stand up for our way of life. Our way of life is being threatened here by this black snake the oil.

So I am asking you to stand united, all grandma’s and grandpa’s, all elders, all younger youth and University’s, please come make a stand. And stand united against this thing, the Black Oil Snake. We need to squash the head; United we stand, divided we all fall. This is not a first nations issue, its not a Burnaby resident problem, it’s a human problem. We only have one earth and unless this Harper Government is hiding away another healthy earth, we need to take care of the one that we’ve got right here right now.

So, I am sending the smoke signal out there to all of my relations. Please come stand united. Ashem hoychka. (seeking spelling now) Thank you. 

For me on the mountain and I was ready to secure a buddy system in which folks would take my gear including camera and I’d be on a list as a transgendered taking an arrest to stop Kinder Morgan.  I arrived and after a few minutes heard there were three folks signed up, I went over and spoke at length with a helper of list of names. IMG_1846IMG_1857 It was decided I would wait till noon if more folks signed up now, give us time to insure a sound buddy system given I’d never had an arrest, was on disability and transgendered at a time when that is dangerous in incarceration. Here is a great post that was on United Against Kinder Morgan! Please Share! A friendly reminder from the volunteer legal support team: People should not expect to have any of their legal costs or fines paid for by the legal support team. We encourage you all to organize fundraisers and donate to the legal defence funds. You might also be eligible for legal aid. If folks are considering symbolic arrests (ie crossing line), or are part of an affinity group, or announcing actions, you should be organizing your legal support. This involves: 1) Arrest Tracking: Each group or wave needs to have someone (or more, depending on group size) non-arrestable who collects full legal names before arrests. You should also be prepared to take the names of people who may join in. Call the legal line with names, how many arrested in your group, and the basic circumstances (i.e crossed police line) 2) Proccessing/Jail support: People ready to pick-up people from golf course parking lot or RCMP Detachment on Deer Lake upon release. Let the legal line know as soon as you see people being brought in to be processed, if they are being moved, and as people are being released. Be prepared to stay till the last person is released. If its late (past 8 or 9 pm) and someone hasn’t been released, let the legal line know to see if legal counsel is needed for a bail hearing the next day. 3) Liason: to communicate between legal line, jail support and arrest trackers. This person needs to verify all the information as sometimes there is contradictory information (number and names of arrestees reported doesn’t match number released etc) Everyone should have each other’s numbers as well as the legal line.   I heard from Ivan Drury this news when I got home tonight and want to find out the outcome: “When I was in jail on Friday there was also a person arrested who the police gendered as man (I suspect their ID  genders them male) but Herb overheard them identifying as woman to the cops. They were holding her in men’s cells. They have been refusing legal support so it’s near-impossible to know what’s going on.” I had a bit of work to do yet to acquire solid support yet but was working on it when we all heard about this: Below are photo’s of  the 11 yr. old and her mom!  Her daughter wanted to do it so her mom joined her!  I thought of my own daughter who is 11, it was quite a moment for all of us.  IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1851 IMG_1852IMG_1853 IMG_1854 Here is a photo I loved, just look at the expression on face of newswoman as the 11 yr. old says why she is doing this.  She spoke eloquently about the animals and nature affected by Kinder Morgan Oil and Gas. IMG_1855 Another mom and daughter signed up and many followed.  Folks came with this idea and suddenly they all felt a little bit stronger.  My own desire to take my turn was building inside me. An old friend and coworker David Malmo Levine also took an arrest today, he was well spoken and shared how hemp can easily replace oil and gas, I hope to post a link with that information soon, for now, here he is in a photo and soon to be up on youtube!
IMG_1861 When he took his arrest, he did it with BIG smiles and went in when his moment came, here are some photo’s:
IMG_1875 IMG_1876
There he comes again, he was dancing and a smiling!  He finally stood still long enough for them to take him in!
        GO DAVID!                             IMG_1877
20 more people stood up for our future today on Burnaby Mountain. Here are four. Notice the relaxed postures and happy smiles that come with acting in accordance with one’s convictions. I was honoured to be there for them and others on their release at the Burnaby RCMP detachment. I would be proud to call them friends for life. Discussions on civil disobedience and its consequences ongoing each day, 10:30, at the foot of Centennial Way (@ Burnaby Mountain Parkway) on the Mountain.

— with Harsha Walia and 10 others.

Photo: 20 more people stood up for our future today on Burnaby Mountain. Here are four. Notice the relaxed postures and happy smiles that come with acting in accordance with one's convictions.  I was honoured to be there for them and others on their release at the Burnaby RCMP detachment.  I would be proud to call them friends for life. Discussions on civil disobedience and its consequences ongoing each day, 10:30, at the foot of Centennial Way (@ Burnaby Mountain Parkway) on the Mountain.
Many folks took arrest’s today: Here are some photo’s that capture some moments before arrest’s and also general photo’s to show how the crowd grows daily and, if you have ever thought to stand up against Gas and Oil, this is where we take a stand.  Today I was able to bring tobacco to the elder from Squamish Territory Sut-lut, I have a powerful message from her on video and will have it up on youtube asap, in the meantime, my favorite quotes are para phrased:
“We must squash the head of the black oil snake here and now…, I call out to all First Nations, please stand united with me for our way of life, our way of life is being threatened here, by this black snake the oil,  …,United we stand, divided we ALL fall.  This is not a First Nations issue, its all our issue, come…”
This is the other mom who took an arrest, she is in red coat, her daughter was 19yrs old.IMG_1860 IMG_1871
I heard this woman in red bandana from Lillooet took an arrest just after this photo was taken.  Not confirmed.IMG_1872 IMG_1887 IMG_1892 IMG_1894 IMG_1895 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1899 IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1903 IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1906 IMG_1907
IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1916 IMG_1917
This photo was taken just after an intense moment. Police were left standing amoungst protestors after van filled with drumming women and maybe one or two men was able to leave, some men, like the young man who had such anger and hurt, sad and wanting in his eyes, he was staring at the wheels of vehicle.  I lovingly reminded his, “bother,  I just heard the plea that the women needed to get indoors as they were cold in the back of the police van.  There was a moment that many police had a lot of fear and adrenaline, I again lovingly and humorously stated clearly, Brothers, no one will harm you here, you are safe, yo can all go behind the yellow ribbon again and, thank goodness this largish officer took the segway and turned around, it diffused a rather intense situation.  IMG_1920
Years earlier at the Vancouver East Sides Britannia 4 hour Police Stand off (Started by an officer), the police were in the same situation when the van with the Minister George and others sped down the back alley behind the literacy center Gordon Campbell was trying to do a photo op at a time when folks were dying and attacked by his governments Neo Liberal Policies: back then in this moment, mayhem ensued and police freaked out immediately attacking citizens and I was right in the middle of it.  I would witness a punk grab a woman whom an officer was trying to literally attack, drag her back and away and he took the hits!  The police van that tried to speed away was again stopped at the end of alley which was in a high children zone, by grandmothers who sat down and young who followed!  Today, at Burnaby mountain it went a LOT better!  Praise to all fo you, especially that young man whose heart I know is in turmoil, you too might stand with others and peacefully cross that line, maybe tomorrow, maybe some other time when your heart is so moved again.
I know I am going back for sure.
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nove. 24th; Burnaby Mountain Updates shared Kevin Washbrook‘s photo.

“A powerful day on ‪#‎BurnabyMountain. Shortly After David Suziki’s speech to the RCMP about the illegal arrest of his grandson 2 days prior. The RCMP arrested and filled up a paddy wagon full of women around 4:30pm One of them was David Suzuki’s wife. ” Here are photo’s of David , women were still speaking in these photo’s and were arrested just after.


IMG_1890 “An Elder from Victoria and other prayer carriers escorted the paddy wagon down the hill with the beating drums and woman’s warrior song as the women sang and drummed from the inside the RCMP vehicle.”  This is what we and the young man were listening to when the van drove by, its in another video I took which will also be on youtube soon!