Thanks to support from community, I was able to be here on Burnaby Mountain all day.  Tomorrow at 1030 we go again, maybe see you there?  Seems like more are coming!

I am now taking a break at a friends house, Vince, so I can report from here and, I never found a tent or computer, although, I had some great folks offer to share tarps and the fire, my back is needing to be here and, I am grateful.

I got dry boots and a bus ticket with loads of love and arrived in Vancouver around


I decided to go to Rose Siccama’s and take her up oh her offer of a couch, seemed kind of late to go to The Mountain not knowing what was happening, so off I went on #8 bus!

Had a great welcome, met her two roomies Dave and Dave.  I got some hamburger soup, lots of nice chilling out, great home!  What a great couch to sleep on as well!  As it turns out, arrests happened last night, many of them friends and allies from Social Housing Alliance!  Representing!

Next morning it was hot coffee, more soup and a ride from Rose and Dave to DTES Hastings bus 135 and away I go to the Mountain.

055 057


All the way there I am thinking “How is it that Kinder Morgan is even on the mountain? I arrive and feel its all surreal!  Where are all the people who agreed to fight this?  All good Kym, take a breath! People are here now.  Its a continuum, people before us, us, people after us…

I hear a helicopter come overhead, actually saw it while still on bus, anyways, it moved stuff IN all day long, I was feeling grumpy about that too!

Other folks had arrived and, like me, we had questions about legal and getting arrested and what it means to do this, here, maybe today, maybe tomorrow.  Folks made their personal decisions and we moved from road and walked up, it was a good walk, scooters could get up easily, most can as well.

Folks were spread out around a small area blocked off for drilling.  Many RCMP to protect them.  I met quite a few who slept over last night, some for weeks, some like me were new. It took a while to find this and that as all seemed a bit disassociated.  Arrest’s  definitely affected camp flow.

It was still surreal for me.  Police protecting Kinder Morgan workers as they drill, right in front of us.  Folks sang and, those who chose to began to step over the yellow ribbon and, folks were taken into custody and processed as people sang and cheered, each time this happened I was a little confused and saddened.  Yes, I get it, I will be cheered and need that and, its sad right?  They are drilling and setting up to work NOW and since Thursday, working like mad, setting their talons in and will not let go once they do, we know this!  We will watch a film in a few years about this and know where we were right now!

Kinder Morgan with protection from RCMP as ordered by Harper are doing preparation work for major pipeline, why?  Folks are slow to move to the mountain.  Why?  Where are all the first nations and other locals who said No to this?  Where are you who said you’d come?

Do not answer, its rhetorical.

I think we believe the lie that its all being taken care of by some sick unhealthy legal system which has us here in the first place.  We all want to hang onto what ever idea/hope we have that we hold onto which we think will save us all and yet, is still attached to colonial system!

I think anyways.

The proof is in the pudding, Kinder drills, now.  What are the risk’s you are willing to make or take to stop this?

Some are having a fund raiser and, I think its great to give money NOW to legal battle and hey, people are UP THERE NOW dealing with-out YOUR much needed help, we need you here to bare witness and support, help is needed on the ground.

This battle will be lost or won ON THE GROUND FIRST and in a court room second. We NEED people either way, GIVE money and COME TO THE MOUNTAIN.  Witness, follow your heart, DO NOT think you can go on as if all is the same, its NOT!

061 063 064 065When you first go up, you walk up to yellow taped area and have to go right to get around to other side where kitchen and food and a second fire is.  It is muddy!066067

068 069 070Again: RCMP controlled us thru this divide, some on one side, some on other, you had to go and ask RCMP to go to sacred fire?

071 072 073 074 075 076 077 078 079 080 081 082

these next three photo’s are folks being arrested in civil disobedience.083 084 087 091

This fellow sung us a song!  Never got his name as I had to go find an outhouse!093 094 095 097 098  This next 2 photo’s: the drilling machine.100 101  This next one is a person being cheered on for crossing the line and taking an arrest!

Another arrest, I may get in on these more for tomorow…102 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111

the sacred fire is now in RCMP Kinder territory and, we are allowed in two at a time to go to the fire.  I never got to the fire today to bring the tobacco.


117 a mother and daughter whose names I sadly did not get, their message was from the grandmothers, very powerfull and encouraging of our resistance.

118this sister was singing a beautiful song before I left, RCMP had very strong lights on us, gave me a headache, agitating tactic used by them, made me want to put up a tarp, thought of my mom.

119 122 123Campers will have this all night, I pray for them to be safe, I already want to go back, now that I wrote this not very well description of an emotional day, moments of having to advocate for a youth who needed to yell, or, youth who had police come and shine lights in their eyes, makes me madd!

I am going back tomorow am, I am willing to be arrested and will do so when my heart leads me to, before I get home to you, my community.  I thought of my daughter a lot today.  Her future is the number one reason I am here and, after hearing from so many folks this past few weeks and today, we need each other, we can do this, unity is the biggest threat and, together, as workers in oil, workers all over, we need to realise we can unite and change this.

Only if we show up.

Respect to my Victoria community and thank you for having me and others in your heart, please join us.  If you cannot, you are then working to inform others of the need to come to the mountain bare witness people coming together and stopping a tragedy, or, coming together to witness the destruction of a park.

I am tired, I am inspired.  I have a vision and it includes all of you and, its also because of all of you…

I met some new folks today, all wanting…all dreaming and set upon a course.

Maybe all of our course’s were just changed by meeting each other, I believe so.

In solidarity with a KNOWING so deep down in my heart that we all have such an important role in production of healthy community.