I Don't Want To Play House
I Don’t Want To Play House

I was honoured to have Sheila Gilhooly, who has been a mentor and inspiration to me personally and politically for years now, share her thots on my film.  I was a mere young sober butch lesbian who was lost till I saw the show about her life Still Sane.

Here is what she had to say about my/our film Taking The Fall And Rising:

Sheila Gilhooly

I thought your video was really really great !! What i liked best is how you let the the strength of your participants shine through. They are articulate and you let them speak for themselves (which must have been a shocking novelty for many ). Your video shows us survivors , not victims..while showing how totally they are being screwed over..by all of or governments …I am inspired to start phoning the legislature and bothering them. I have heard they have to log and keep every call they get (for security i guess).I like the idea of creating work and increasing files. anyway..great work ..thanks for keeping me in the loop. sheila…Still Mad as Hell