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Times Columnist ran a story with very little research again, I am afraid, or, once again a reporter was edited?

The headline read:  Affordable housing in Victoria gets boost from B.C. program.

Here is my analysis, kym hothead:

Coleman is a liar and his history going back to the disability review with Gordon Campbell’s regime is gross and inhuman, he has recently REDEFINED social housing.

Here is where the money will be spent:” $62.5 million over five years to bring rent supplements and support services to at-risk groups in six communities, including Victoria.”
That is poverty pimping and its TEMPORARY best!  People, this is not an answer, this is a temporary job keep program for folks working front line poverty industry and middle class homeowners who want to fill their rental suites, when the money runs out those folks will be in the same place they are in now but only WORSE since NO social housing building plans are on the books! WE the people will need to place it on the books.

So, all these folks in this group;  youth at risk, women at risk of violence, those leaving hospitals and correctional systems and first nations: are at risk of being dumped in five or less yeas, as the rental supplements do run out.  No Permanent Social Housing and actual Permanent Affordable housing are bing built or planned for even.  This is not the solution, its a job creation program and a temporary fix, its not fair at all.  Not fair to do this to all the people involved including the front line workers whose own mental health are stressed, all the social justice and academics who work really hard to HELP create great projects just to witness their ideas get watered down to this? Thats just wrong!

“The at-risk groups include youth transitioning out of foster care, women who have experienced violence or are at risk of violence, those leaving hospitals and correctional systems and aboriginal people.

The rental supplements will help these individuals find and secure affordable housing, while connecting them with agencies to offer support and prevent them from becoming homeless.”

Here is a classic de-politicisation statement from a person making the most right now currently in poverty pimping industry in Victoria, I assume:

” “These [at-risk groups] are all the areas that we have identified as needing focus, so we’re pretty happy with it,” Wynn-Williams said.”

I add: Only he’d be pretty happy about a temporary solution, what with his job and all attached to stats.
“He said he was told Victoria will receive 117 rental supplements through the program, which will translate into 100 more spaces of affordable housing. The supplements will be administered through various agencies, including Pacifica Housing, Burnside Gorge Community Centre and Threshold Housing Society.”

I am sure that many of these rental subsidies will not help folks on streets now but help keep the rental subsidized folks going who are already temporarily benefitting from them.  I see the numbers on streets will most certainly rise, no Permanent Homes built, its gonna get worse so, police, front line will indeed be busy placing bandaids on folks open wounds of vulnerability in this heartless Neo Liberal led province and, it seems NDP locally are not pushing for Social Housing and Affordable Housing?

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Social Housing includes Affordable housing for working poor people and all definitions of families.

CTEHV currently has a Working Group on the Social Housing Now movement.  We have recently decided and are organizing with VIPIRG and SOLID to hold a Community Action Planning Meeting on October 28th at St. Andrews Church, Kirk Hall-Douglas and Broughton 6-730 pm.

VIPIRG will begin by presenting findings on their recent Housing Survey and: Social Housing Now Working Group will end with sharing updates and ask /prepare for what is next re: Affordable and Social Housing for Novembers next meeting in which SHN Victoria will present proposal they are currently developing as well as others who will share their work or visions with the idea of actions in mind.

In Novembers meeting we will talk about what to focus on after Novembers Housing meeting part 2 looking into December.  Police State, Harm Reduction and need for an immediate Safe Consumption Site to open, Homeless and cold weather protocol issues,…the list is endless, we decide together what actions are needed/wanted.

respect and in solidarity,

kym hothead hines